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Start improving your work-life balance - try PlanBee for FREE for 7 days
How to Speak (or at least understand) ‘Teacher’

How to Speak (or at least understand) ‘Teacher’

Do you know the difference between EAL and MFL? Your CT from your TA? If not, don’t fret! PlanBee is here to help you work out who or what WALT and WILF are using this handy Teacher-speak translator.

Being thrown into the deep end of educating children can be a daunting task. Try not to put pressure on yourself to become a teacher in the space of five minutes, and relax and enjoy sharing learning experiences with your children. If you do choose to pick up a lesson plan to continue your child’s education, then hopefully this free handout will go some way to helping you understand some of the language that teachers use in their written plans.

Year Groups in the UK

One of the most common things we’ve been asked by parents is which of our free home-learning packs is suitable for their child(ren). Below is a table showing the year groups and phases for the UK based on a child’s age. A child will start the year group in September at the lower end of the age range. For example a child will start Year 1 in England and Wales at the age of 5.


Child's Age Year group
(England and Wales)
Year group
Year group
4-5 Reception (EYFS) Primary 1 (Entry level) Year 1
5-6 Year 1 (KS1) Primary 2 (Entry level) Year 2
6-7 Year 2 (KS1) Primary 3 (First level) Year 3
7-8 Year 3 (LKS2) Primary 4 (First level) Year 4
8-9 Year 4 (LKS2) Primary 5 (Second level) Year 5
9-10 Year 5 (UKS2) Primary 6 (Second level) Year 6
10-11 Year 6 (UKS2) Primary 7 (Second level) Year 7


The year groups can be grouped into phases or Key Stages.

EYFS is a framework of milestones and guidance that measures the development of children from birth to age 5.

Key Stage One (KS1), sometimes called ‘Infants’ consists of Year 1 and 2 (England and Wales) children.

Key Stage Two (KS2), sometimes called ‘Juniors’ consists of Year 3-6 (England and Wales). This Key Stage can be further divided into LKS2 (Lower Key Stage Two) - Years 3 & 4 and UKS2 (Upper Key Stage Two) - Years 5 & 6.



Download Our Teacher Speak PDF



Are there any more examples of teacher-speak that you need help translating? Just leave us a comment or contact us. We’re here to help and support you on this new phase in your child’s education.

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