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Explore all PlanBee's ready-to-teach schemes of work, including our 5-, 6- or 7-lesson packs, cross-curricular topics and topic bundles.


  • PlanBee Moving Vehicles KS1 Year 2 DT Lesson Planning | Teaching Resources


    Let your DT teaching zoom into focus with this set of Moving Vehicles KS1 lesson plans for Year 2! Your class will investigate a variety of differe...

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  • PlanBee Moving Pictures: KS1 DT Primary Resources for Year 1

    Moving Pictures

    These fun-filled KS1 Design and Technology 'Moving Pictures' lesson plans for Year 1 will get their imaginations soaring as they think up exciting ...

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  • PlanBee Moving Monsters KS2 DT Lesson Planning - Pneumatics KS2 Year 3

    Moving Monsters

    This set of six Moving Monsters KS2 DT lessons for Year 3 has everything you need to teach this fun, fascinating and sometimes frightening scheme o...

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  • PlanBee Moving Toys KS2 DT Lessons for Year 5 | Cam Mechanisms

    Moving Toys

    Turn your classroom into a toy workshop with this series of Moving Toys KS2 lessons for Year 5 as your class investigate cam mechanisms and toys th...

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  • PlanBee Storybooks - Moving Mechanisms: KS2 DT Primary Resources | PlanBee


    Bring stories to life with this fun and imaginative module as your class create storybooks with moving mechanisms.   #TheCompleteSeries6lessons Chi...

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  • PlanBee How to Make a Fire Engine | KS1 DT lessons by PlanBee

    Making Fire Engines

    Get your children excited about fire engines with this fun ‘Making Fire Engines’ DT scheme of work for KS1. Your class will explore modern fire eng...

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  • PlanBee Programming Pioneers Coding KS2 DT by PlanBee

    Programming Pioneers

    Have you ever wondered how the electrical products all around us work? Challenge children to consider this and many other questions about computer-...

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  • PlanBee Light-Up Signs: Circuits and Structures - KS2 DT Lesson Plans

    Light-Up Signs

    Use woodworking DT tools and materials, card and paper or even scrap materials to make an decorative light box with illuminated words or letters. T...

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  • PlanBee Wacky Windmills - DT Primary Resources for KS1 | PlanBee

    Wacky Windmills

    Visit a variety of windmills around the world and encourage them to get their builder hats on with this 'Wacky Windmills' scheme of work for Year 1...

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  • PlanBee Moving Minibeasts KS1 DT | Year 1 & Year 2 | PlanBee

    Moving Minibeasts

    This complete Moving Minibeasts KS1 DT scheme of work contains six fun-filled lessons where your class will learn how to make three different mecha...

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  • PlanBee Chinese Inventions - KS2 Design & Technology Lesson | PlanBee DT

    Chinese Inventions

    Use this KS2, six-lesson scheme to explore the innovative culture of ancient China and discover the inventions that have helped shape the world, in...

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Explore all PlanBee's ready-to-teach schemes of work, including our 5-, 6- or 7-lesson packs, cross-curricular topics and topic bundles.