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Explore all PlanBee's ready-to-teach schemes of work, including our 5-, 6- or 7-lesson packs, cross-curricular topics and topic bundles.


  • PlanBee Exploring Special Books KS1 RE downloadable lesson pack

    Special Books

    Introduce your class to the special books of three major world religions through this 'Special Books' RE scheme of work for KS1. Your class will fi...

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  • PlanBee Belief In Our Community: Complete set of KS2 RE lessons

    Belief In Our Community

    Get your children thinking about their own beliefs as well as those of others in their local community with these Key Stage Two R.E. lessons for Ye...

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  • PlanBee Expressing Faith through the Arts: Complete set of RE lessons for KS2

    Expressing faith through the Arts

    Religion has been linked with the arts for thousands of years. This series of six lessons for Year 6 gives your class the chance to find out how, w...

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  • PlanBee Our Wonderful World - Creation Stories KS1 RE by PlanBee

    Our Wonderful World

    Think about the things that make our world wonderful while studying different religious creation stories in this KS1 Religious Education scheme of ...

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  • PlanBee Identity and Belonging Year 4 KS2 RE Lesson Pack by PlanBee

    Identity and Belonging

    In these challenging Identity and Belonging lessons for Year 4, children will think about their own sense of identity as well as the communities th...

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  • PlanBee Places of Worship & Pilgrimages: KS1 RE Lesson Plans | Year 1 & Year 2

    Special Places

    Help your class find out about special places all over the world as well as think about what is a special place to themselves and to others. During...

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  • PlanBee Special Foods - Religious Foods: KS2 RE Lesson Plans & Resources

    Special Foods

    Food is an important aspect in many religious stories, festivals and celebrations. This Year 3/4 ‘Special Foods’ RE scheme of work gives your class...

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  • PlanBee Leaders and Teachers - Religious Education | KS1 RE Lessons

    Leaders and Teachers

    In this series of five Leaders and Teachers RE lessons for Year 2, children will consider the roles and responsibilities of leaders both in school ...

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  • PlanBee What happens when we die? - KS2 RE Primary Resources and Lesson Plans

    What happens when we die?

    These plans, slides, worksheets and other resources for Year 6 children explain the ideas and beliefs of religious and non-religious groups about w...

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  • PlanBee Animal Stories Year 1/2 Planning Pack | KS1 RE Planning

    Animal Stories

    This Animal Stories KS1 RE planning pack introduces your Year 1/2 children to popular religions of the world including: Christianity, Judaism, Isla...

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  • PlanBee Special Objects: World Religions - KS1 Year 1 RE Lesson Planning

    Special Objects

    Explore with your class a range of objects that are special to different religions. Your class will find out about different faiths such as Hinduis...

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Explore all PlanBee's ready-to-teach schemes of work, including our 5-, 6- or 7-lesson packs, cross-curricular topics and topic bundles.