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Explore all PlanBee's ready-to-teach schemes of work, including our 5-, 6- or 7-lesson packs, cross-curricular topics and topic bundles.


  • PlanBee Giuseppe Arcimboldo KS1 Art Lessons by PlanBee

    Giuseppe Arcimboldo

    These ‘Giuseppe Arcimboldo' KS1 Art lessons for children in Year 1 and Year 2 will have your class looking at portraits in a whole new light. They ...

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  • What do Muslims celebrate? KS1 Islamic Festivals by PlanBee

    What do Muslims Celebrate?

    Explore some different Muslim celebrations in this complete 'What do Muslims Celebrate?' scheme of work. Your class will learn about Islamic New Ye...

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  • PlanBee Superheroes KS1 Cross-Curricular Topic Planning by PlanBee

    Superheroes Topic

    Are you ready for an adventure? 'Superheroes!' includes all the resources for 17 lessons for KS1 children aged 5-7. The lessons cover a whole range...

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  • PlanBee All About Me Topic KS1 Cross-Curricular Resource by PlanBee

    All About Me Topic

    Open their eyes to the wonder that is each and every one of them with this fantastic 'All About Me' cross-curricular lesson plan for KS1. Your clas...

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  • PlanBee What do Sikhs believe? KS1 RE lesson planning

    What do Sikhs believe?

    Introduce children to the core beliefs of Sikhism, the Sikh creation story and other key features of this major world religion.   #TheCompleteSerie...

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  • PlanBee KS1 Remembrance Day Lesson | Year 2 History Planning

    What are we remembering on Remembrance Day?

    Download these KS1 Remembrance Day lessons to teach your class about what Remembrance Day is, why people wear poppies and who we are remembering on...

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  • PlanBee Christmas Around the World KS1 RE Lessons by PlanBee

    Christmas Celebrations

    This Christmas KS1 RE lesson planning pack contains five ready-to-teach lessons exploring Christmas celebrations. Your Year 2 class will learn abou...

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  • PlanBee Teddy Bears Picnic Ideas and DT Lessons by PlanBee

    Teddy Bear's Picnic

    Join Mr Bear and make a range of delicious picnic foods with your KS1 class. You'll learn about different types of foods and have the chance to exp...

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  • PlanBee Paper Art Lesson - KS1 Art Lesson from PlanBee

    Paper Art

    Teach your class how to turn everyday paper into spectacular arts and crafts projects with this hands-on scheme of work for KS1. Your class will in...

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  • PlanBee Animals Around the World KS1 Geography - PlanBee

    Animals Around the World

    Travel across the globe and teach your class about animals around the world in this KS1 Geography planning pack.   #TheCompleteSeries6lessons Explo...

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  • PlanBee Secret World of Plants - KS1 Science Scheme of Work: Year 2

    The Secret World of Plants

    Learn about planting, growing, nurturing and harvesting plants in the classroom and find out all about commercial plant growers. This Complete Seri...

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  • PlanBee Easter Celebrations KS1 Lesson Resources | PlanBee

    Easter Celebrations 1

    Help your class learn about Easter and various Easter traditions with this fun scheme of work for KS1. Children will learn about the Easter story a...

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  • PlanBee Wacky Windmills - DT Primary Resources for KS1 | PlanBee

    Wacky Windmills

    Visit a variety of windmills around the world and encourage them to get their builder hats on with this 'Wacky Windmills' scheme of work for Year 1...

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  • PlanBee Moving Minibeasts KS1 DT | Year 1 & Year 2 | PlanBee

    Moving Minibeasts

    This complete Moving Minibeasts KS1 DT scheme of work contains six fun-filled lessons where your class will learn how to make three different mecha...

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  • PlanBee Seaside Snacks: Primary DT Cookery Lessons for KS1 from PlanBee

    Seaside Snacks

    These super Seaside Snack DT lessons for KS1 will get your class tasting, exploring and thinking about a range of foods. The first five lessons eac...

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  • PlanBee Who was Buddha? - Buddhism Primary RE Lessons and Resources for KS1

    Who Was Buddha?

    Teach your children all about the Buddha and his teachings in this exciting new Buddhism Religious Education scheme of work for KS1. Your children ...

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  • PlanBee Life in the City - Geography lesson resources for KS1

    Life in the City

    Take your class on a city journey, studying maps and exploring some features of a number of different cities with this 'Life in the City' scheme of...

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  • PlanBee Places of Worship & Pilgrimages: KS1 RE Lesson Plans | Year 1 & Year 2

    Special Places

    Help your class find out about special places all over the world as well as think about what is a special place to themselves and to others. During...

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  • PlanBee Great Fire of London Art Ideas | PlanBee KS1 Art Lesson

    Sparks and Flames

    This KS1 series of Art lessons will ignite your class’s imagination as they create pieces of art themed around The Great Fire of London. They will ...

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  • PlanBee Super Sculptures: KS1 Art Lesson Plans and Resources from PlanBee

    Super Sculptures

    Teach your children all about the work of a range of well-known sculptors with these five Art sculpture lessons for Year 2 children. Describe and r...

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  • PlanBee KS1 Aboriginal Art Lesson plan and resources by PlanBee

    Australian Aboriginal Art

    These Australian Aboriginal Art KS1 lessons for Year 1 and Year 2 will take your class on an exciting journey through the world of Indigenous Austr...

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  • PlanBee Leaders and Teachers - Religious Education | KS1 RE Lessons

    Leaders and Teachers

    In this series of five Leaders and Teachers RE lessons for Year 2, children will consider the roles and responsibilities of leaders both in school ...

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  • PlanBee Can Buildings Speak - Primary Art Lessons for KS1 | PlanBee

    Can Buildings Speak?

    These KS1 'Can Buildings Speak?' Art lessons ideas for children in Year 1 and Year 2 will have your class looking at buildings in a whole new light...

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  • PlanBee Captain Cook KS1 lesson pack for kids by PlanBee

    Captain James Cook

    Introduce your class to Captain James Cook as they go on a voyage of discovery to find out what he discovered and achieved during his lifetime, and...

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Explore all PlanBee's ready-to-teach schemes of work, including our 5-, 6- or 7-lesson packs, cross-curricular topics and topic bundles.