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  • PlanBee Volcanoes KS2 Geography Planning | Lessons for Year 3 & Year 4


    Explore volcanoes, one of the most fascinating phenomena in the world, with this Volcanoes KS2 scheme of work for Year 3 and Year 4. These lesson w...

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  • PlanBee Natural Disaster KS2 Extreme Earth Topic by PlanBee

    Extreme Earth Topic

    Introduce your class to the wilder side of the world with this ready-to-teach natural disasters topic for Year 5 and Year 6! Download a series of e...

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  • PlanBee Italy Today: Italy KS2 Year 3 & Year 4 Geography by PlanBee

    Italy Today

    In this downloadable KS2 Geography scheme for Year 3 and Year 4, children will find out about all the different aspects of this amazing, historic c...

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  • PlanBee Japan Today: Year 5 & Year 6 Japan KS2 Geography by PlanBee

    Japan Today

    In this KS2 Geography scheme of work for Y5 and Y6, children will investigate the position, human and physical geography of Japan. ย  #TheCompleteSe...

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  • PlanBee The Grand Canyon KS2 Geography Lesson Plans

    The Grand Canyon

    This Grand Canyon KS2 planning pack for Year 5 or Year 6 contains seven ready-to-teach Geography lessons that will teach your class everything they...

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  • PlanBee Caribbean Geography KS2 Planning Pack by PlanBee

    The Caribbean

    Take your class on a Caribbean cruise to learn about all aspects of this naturally beautiful region with this Caribbean Geography KS2 planning pack...

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  • PlanBee Yosemite National Park: Year 5 & Year 6 Geography scheme of work

    Yosemite National Park

    Find out about one of the oldest national parks in the USA with this great 'Yosemite National Park' Geography scheme of work for Year 5 and Year 6....

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