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  • PlanBee Fairground - Mechanisms: KS2 DT Lesson Plans and Resources | PlanBee


    Roll up! Roll up! Instantly download these six Fairground Rides KS2 lessons to challenge your Year 6 class to design, build and create their own ro...

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  • PlanBee Light-Up Signs: Circuits and Structures - KS2 DT Lesson Plans

    Light-Up Signs

    Use woodworking DT tools and materials, card and paper or even scrap materials to make an decorative light box with illuminated words or letters. T...

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  • PlanBee Alarms - Electrical Circuits: DT Primary Resources - PlanBee KS2


    This series of five 'Alarms' lessons based for Year 4 gives your class the chance to experiment with circuits and switches before taking on the cha...

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