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  • PlanBee KS2 Famous Buildings Art & Architecture Lessons by PlanBee

    Famous Buildings

    Your class will never look at buildings the same way again after this 'Famous Buildings' scheme of work for Year 3/4! They will investigate a varie...

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  • PlanBee Sculpting Vases - Sculpture Art Lessons for KS2 | Year 5 & Year 6

    Sculpting Vases

    These exciting 'Sculpting Vases' lessons, with plenty of hands-on activities, are designed to equip the children in your class with a greater maste...

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  • PlanBee Can Buildings Speak - Primary Art Lessons for KS1 | PlanBee

    Can Buildings Speak?

    These KS1 'Can Buildings Speak?' Art lessons ideas for children in Year 1 and Year 2 will have your class looking at buildings in a whole new light...

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  • PlanBee Mark Making Ideas | Year 1 art lessons by PlanBee

    Mark Making

    Introduce your children to the basic skills needed when mark makingย with this Mark Making Art Lesson Pack for Year 1. ย  #TheCompleteSeries5lessons ...

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  • PlanBee Talking Textiles - Primary Art Lesson Plans and Resources from PlanBee

    Talking Textiles

    These KS2 'Talking Textiles' Art lessons are sure to get your class chatting excitedly about working with textiles! Starting by taking a glimpse in...

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  • PlanBee Famous Fashions Year 6 Art Lessons by PlanBee

    Famous Fashions

    Your class will never look at fashion the same way again after this 'Famous Fashions' scheme of work for Year 6! They will learn about a number of ...

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  • PlanBee Sonia DelaunayKS2 Art scheme of work by PlanBee

    Sonia Delaunay

    Introduce your class to one of the great female artists of the 20th century, Sonia Delaunay. In this art scheme of work for Y3/4, children will fin...

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  • PlanBee Jewellery Designers KS2 Art & Design Lessons by PlanBee

    Jewellery Designers

    Jewellery designing is made easy with this creative and engaging 'Jewellery Designers' scheme of work for children in Year 3/4. Explore some famous...

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  • PlanBee Pantomime Ideas for KS2 Art Lessons by PlanBee

    At the Pantomime

    Prepare for shouts of 'He's behind you!' and 'Oh no, he isn't!" as you and your class enter the wacky world of British pantomime! After exploring e...

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  • PlanBee Still Life Planning | KS2 Art

    Still Life

    This Still Life KS2 planning pack builds on prior knowledge and teaches children techniques used when drawing and painting still life arrangements....

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