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  • PlanBee Electricity Year 4 Science lessons: Circuits and Conductors

    Circuits and Conductors

    This circuits and conductors year 4 lesson pack has everything you need to engage children in the world of electricity. To start, your KS2 children...

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  • PlanBee Changing Circuits Year 6 Electricity Lesson Planning | KS2 Science

    Changing Circuits

    This Year 6 Electricity 'Changing Circuits' planning pack contains six ready-to-teach Year 6 Electricity lessons to consolidate your class's knowle...

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  • PlanBee Super Scientists Year 2 Working Scientifically | PlanBee

    Super Scientists

    This Year 2 working scientifically scheme of work is all about 'Super Scientists'. Your class will have the opportunity to learn about scientists a...

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  • PlanBee Light-Up Signs: Circuits and Structures - KS2 DT Lesson Plans

    Light-Up Signs

    Use woodworking DT tools and materials, card and paper or even scrap materials to make an decorative light box with illuminated words or letters. T...

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  • PlanBee Torches KS2 | Year 4 DT lessons | PlanBee


    How does a torch work? This KS2 'Torches' scheme will help you show your Year 4 class the answer!ย  #TheCompleteSeries6lessons Your class will explo...

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  • PlanBee The Unforgettable Science of America: KS2 Science Planning

    The Unforgettable Science of America

    Explore the vast range of scientific discoveries within the United States of America with your class. Discover the prehistoric history of fossilise...

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