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  • PlanBee Forces in Action: Science Forces Year 5 PlanBee lesson pack

    Forces In Action

    This Forces in Action Year 5 Science scheme of work teaches your children how forces affect everything around us. They will learn about the effects...

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  • PlanBee Forces and Magnets Year 3 Planning | Year 3 Forces | PlanBee Science

    Forces and Magnets

    This Forces and Magnets Year 3 scheme of work is a great way to teach your KS2 Science class everything they need to know about forces and magnets!...

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  • PlanBee Super Scientists Year 2 Working Scientifically | PlanBee

    Super Scientists

    This Year 2 working scientifically scheme of work is all about 'Super Scientists'. Your class will have the opportunity to learn about scientists a...

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  • PlanBee Great British Scientists KS2 Science Lessons by PlanBee

    Great British Scientists

    Explore the lives of some of the most influential and recognised Great British Scientists in this six-lesson Science scheme of work for Years 5 and...

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  • PlanBee Viking Science - Working Scientifically: Year 5 & Year 6 Science

    Viking Science

    In this Viking Science lesson planning pack for KS2, your Year 5 or Year 6 class will learn that the Vikings were so much more than just marauding ...

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