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  • PlanBee Where do Hindus worship? Hindus Home and Mandir KS2 lessons

    Hindus Home and Mandir

    Where do Hindus worship? These enjoyable RE lessons for Year 4 Key Stage 2 childrenย  answer this question and many others about Hinduism and its pr...

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  • PlanBee Stories of Hinduism for KS2 Primary RE Lesson Pack | PlanBee

    Stories of Hinduism

    This KS2 Religious Education scheme of work for Year 5 and 6 introduces your class to Hindu concepts using stories in an exciting and engaging way....

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  • PlanBee What do Hindus Celebrate? Hindu Celebrations KS1 RE Lessons

    What do Hindus celebrate?

    Find out about different Hindu celebrations in this complete 'What do Hindus celebrate?' scheme of work for KS1. Your class will learn about Hindu ...

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  • PlanBee Diwali KS2 lessons, activities, worksheets and resources


    This Diwali KS2 lesson planning pack for Year 3 takes a fun approach to teaching children about the traditions, stories and celebrations relating t...

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