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  • PlanBee Henri Rousseau KS1 Art Lessons created by PlanBee

    Henri Rousseau

    This collection of KS1 Art lessons focus on the life and works of Henri Rousseau. Your class will find out about his life as an artist and the diff...

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  • PlanBee Andy Goldsworthy KS1 Art Lesson Plans created by PlanBee

    Andy Goldsworthy

    Get creative with this set of five Andy Goldsworthy Art lessons for KS1! Your class will think about the colours, materials and shapes Goldsworthy ...

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  • PlanBee Cityscapes Art Lessons for KS2 created by PlanBee


    Expose your children to cities around the world and how their skylines are re-created using art with this fantastic 'Cityscapes' scheme of work for...

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  • PlanBee Seurat and Pointillism KS2 Lesson Plans and Art Projects

    Seurat and Pointillism

    These Seurat and Pointillism KS2 lesson plans are guaranteed to make your Year 3 or Year 4 class dotty about art! Not only will they find out about...

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  • PlanBee Claude Monet KS2 Impressionism Art Lessons for Year 5/6

    Monet and the Impressionists

    Introduce your Year 5 or Year 6 class to one of the most famous artists of all time with this Claude Monet KS2 Art scheme of work which explores th...

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  • PlanBee A Sense of Place - Landscape Art: Primary Resources KS2

    A Sense of Place

    Introduce your class to the world of landscape art with these creative 'A Sense of Place' Art lessons. Starting by using a viewfinder to find inter...

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  • PlanBee WW1 Art Ideas KS2 In Flanders Fields Art Lessons by PlanBee

    In Flanders Fields

    In this WWI Art KS2 scheme of work, your class will explore the work of the artists officially commissioned to record the war, with a focus on Paul...

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  • PlanBee LS Lowry KS2 - Year 3/4 Art Planning by PlanBee

    LS Lowry

    This LS Lowry KS2 Art planning pack comes with everything you need to explore the endearing artworks of the British artist LS Lowry. The included s...

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  • PlanBee Great Fire of London Art Ideas | PlanBee KS1 Art Lesson

    Sparks and Flames

    This KS1 series of Art lessons will ignite your classโ€™s imagination as they create pieces of art themed around The Great Fire of London. They will ...

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  • PlanBee Landscape Art KS2 Lesson Planning Pack and Art Activities

    Landscape Art

    This KS2 Landscape Art scheme of work is a fantastic way to introduce your Year 5 or Year 6 artists to the world of landscape art. Packed with moun...

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