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  • PlanBee Telling the Time KS2 | Year 4 Maths Lessons and Resources

    Telling the Time

    Help your Year 4 class become fluent in telling the time and using time to solve a variety of problems with this Telling the Time KS2 Maths scheme ...

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  • PlanBee Time: Year 3 Maths Lesson Plans, Word Problems and Worksheets


    Time Year 3 Maths lesson planning pack. Includes detailed notes for teaching time in KS2, games, worksheets, time word problems and a range of diff...

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  • PlanBee Year 3 Time Planning | Plans, Slides and Worksheets

    What's the Time?

    This Year 3 Time planning pack is a great way of improving your class's understanding of time and how to read both analogue and digital clocks. You...

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  • PlanBee What is Length? KS2 Maths Measurement Year 3 Lesson Planning

    What is Length?

    You don't have to go to great lengths to plan this scheme of work…we have done it all for you! Teach your class what length is, how it can be estim...

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  • PlanBee Fractions and Time - Year 4 Primary Maths Resources

    Fractions and Time

    It's a mixed bag for this scheme of work as your children recap their fractions knowledge and learn about analogue and digital time. They will find...

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  • PlanBee Converting Measures - Complete Year 5 Measurement Planning

    Converting Measures

    This 'Converting Measures' scheme of work for Year 5 recaps their knowledge of different units of measurement for length, weight and capacity, chal...

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  • PlanBee What is Weight? Complete Primary Maths Lessons for Year 3

    What is Weight?

    This 'What is Weight?' scheme of work for Year 3 is a fantastic way to teach your class about weight, including the units of measurements relating ...

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  • PlanBee Changing Time Year 5 Maths Lesson Planning Pack

    Changing Time

    Download these Changing Time Year 5 Maths lessons to help your class become experts at solving time problems. Your class will start by consolidatin...

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  • PlanBee Length, Weight & Capacity - Year 5 Maths Planning - Measurement

    Length, Weight and Capacity

    This 'Length, Weight and Capacity' scheme of work for Year 5 is designed to make your class more familiar with using units of measurement relating ...

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  • PlanBee Recording Length - Measurement Maths Lessons for Year 4

    Recording Length

    Children develop their understanding of length, and how to estimate, measure and record accurately.   #TheCompleteSeries5lessons They learn about t...

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  • PlanBee What is Capacity? KS2 Maths Measurement Planning Year 3

    What is Capacity?

    This fun-filled 'What is Capacity?' scheme of work for Year 3 has everything you need to challenge children and teach them how to use, estimate and...

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  • PlanBee Year 5 Time Lessons: Calendars and Timetables KS2

    Calendars, Timetables and Calculators

    This 'Calendars, Timetables and Calculators' Year 5 scheme of work is perfect for reinforcing their knowledge and understanding of time, how differ...

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  • PlanBee Compound Shapes Volume and Area: KS2 Maths

    Calculating Compound Shapes

    Discover how to work out the area, perimeter and volume of a variety of 2D compound shapes and 3D cuboid shapes.   #TheCompleteSeries5lessons With ...

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  • PlanBee Measuring Weight - Measurement: Primary Year 4 Maths Planning KS2

    Measuring Weight

    This Year 4 'Measuring Weight' series of lessons is a great way of teaching your class everything they need to know about weight.   #TheCompleteSer...

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  • PlanBee Let's Use Pounds and Pence - KS1 Year 2 Maths - Measurement

    Let’s Use Pounds and Pence

    Challenge your class to recognise and use money, including banknotes.   #TheCompleteSeries5lessons Over the course of this five-lesson ‘Let’s Use P...

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  • PlanBee Measures Year 6 Maths Lesson Planning and Resources


    This Measures Year 6 Maths planning pack will refresh and extend your class's knowledge and understanding of the relationship between a variety of ...

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  • PlanBee Year 2 Time Lessons KS1 | How can we tell the time?

    How can we tell the time?

    These Year 2 Time lessons will help your KS1 children become more confident in telling the time, all through fun and engaging lessons. These lesson...

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  • PlanBee Year 6 Time Problems | Time and Money KS2 Maths

    Time and Money

    If you're looking for Year 6 time problems and money calculations, you've come to the right place! Our Time and Money KS2 planning pack has five re...

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  • PlanBee Let's Measure Weight - KS1 - Year 2 Maths - Measurement

    Let’s Measure Weight

    Click here to preview PlanBee's Year 2 Maths lessons for FREE Investigate weight with your class in this five-lesson scheme of work designed to mee...

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  • PlanBee Clock Watching | Time Year 3 Maths Lesson Activity Pack

    Clock Watching

    This Clock Watching planning pack, covering the time Year 3 Maths objectives, will not only help brush your children's skills of telling the time t...

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  • PlanBee Let's compare length, height and mass - KS1 Maths Resources and Plans

    Let’s Compare Length, Height and Mass

    Introduce your class and demonstrate how to compare various different lengths, heights and masses with this exciting scheme of work for Year 1.   #...

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  • PlanBee Can you recognise coins? Year 1 money planning and activities

    Can you recognise coins?

    In these Year 1 money Maths lessons, childre will take a close look at British coins. They will identify what makes each coin distinct, what the va...

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  • PlanBee Let's Use a Ruler! - KS1 Complete Maths Planning and Resources

    Let’s Use a Ruler

    Teach your class the key skills when measuring length using rulers, including estimating, comparing and measuring to the nearest unit of measure.  ...

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  • PlanBee Using Money - Complete Year 6 Maths Planning - Measurement

    Using Money

    Develop a variety of strategies for quickly adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing money.   #TheCompleteSeries5lessons Help your children be...

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