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  • PlanBee Living Things and their Habitats Year 6 | Classifying Organisms

    Classifying Organisms

    These 'living things and their habitats' Year 6 Science lessons take an in-depth view at classifying animals, plants and micro-organisms. Your chil...

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  • PlanBee Living Things and their Habitats Year 5 Life Cycles KS2 Science

    Life Cycles

    This Life Cycles KS2 planning pack contains six fully prepared lessons to cover the living things and their habitats Year 5 Science objectives. Eac...

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  • PlanBee Plants Year 3 Planning Pack | Year 3 Science Plants Lessons

    How Plants Grow

    This plants Year 3 planning pack will help your KS2 Science class learn all about the fascinating world of plants! Your class will identify the fun...

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  • PlanBee Identifying Plants Year 1 | KS1 Plants Lessons | PlanBee

    Identifying Plants

    This KS1 plants planning for Year 1 will teach your class to observe, identify, compare, classify and describe UK plants. They will become familiar...

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  • PlanBee Growing Plants KS1 Plants Year 2 Science Resources | PlanBee

    Growing Plants

    This Growing Plants KS1 Science lesson pack for Year 2 will help your children understand what plants need in order to grow, thrive and survive. Th...

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  • PlanBee What do Scientists do?: KS2 - Science - Working Scientifically Plans

    What Do Scientists Do?

    These Scientific Enquiry KS2 lessons explore the world of science and investigate the different areas that people work in. Let your class have a go...

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  • PlanBee Secret World of Plants - KS1 Science Scheme of Work: Year 2

    The Secret World of Plants

    Learn about planting, growing, nurturing and harvesting plants in the classroom and find out all about commercial plant growers. This Complete Seri...

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  • Desert Habitat KS2 Science Lessons by PlanBee

    Desert Life

    Use these Desert Habitat KS2 lessons toย teach your classย all aboutย desertย plants andย animalsย in this fun, fact-filled science scheme of work for Ye...

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  • PlanBee Plants Topic - KS2 Year 3 & Year 4 Lessons by PlanBee

    Plants Topic Bundle

    Download four complete schemes of work to immerse your class in your 'Plants' topic! With schemes covering Science, Geography, Art and DT, this KS2...

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