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  • PlanBee Self Portrait: Primary Art Lessons for Year 1 & Year 2


    Instantly download six Self-Portraits KS1 lessons complete with PDF lesson slides and resources. Explore famous artists and their self-portraits be...

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  • PlanBee Andy Goldsworthy KS1 Art Lesson Plans created by PlanBee

    Andy Goldsworthy

    Get creative with this set of five Andy Goldsworthy Art lessons for KS1! Your class will think about the colours, materials and shapes Goldsworthy ...

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  • PlanBee African Art KS2 | Art of Africa Lesson by PlanBee

    Art of Africa

    Dive into the rich culture of African art with this five-lesson scheme of work. Challenge your class to think carefully about which mediums they ch...

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  • PlanBee Paper Art Lesson - KS1 Art Lesson from PlanBee

    Paper Art

    Teach your class how to turn everyday paper into spectacular arts and crafts projects with this hands-on scheme of work for KS1. Your class will in...

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  • PlanBee Sculpting Vases - Sculpture Art Lessons for KS2 | Year 5 & Year 6

    Sculpting Vases

    These exciting 'Sculpting Vases' lessons, with plenty of hands-on activities, are designed to equip the children in your class with a greater maste...

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  • PlanBee Super Sculptures: KS1 Art Lesson Plans and Resources from PlanBee

    Super Sculptures

    Teach your children all about the work of a range of well-known sculptors with these five Art sculpture lessons for Year 2 children. Describe and r...

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  • PlanBee Can we change places? - Sculpture Art Lessons for KS2 | PlanBee

    Can we change places?

    Introduce your class to the world of sculpture with these 'Can we change places?' KS2 Art lessons for children. Start by getting them to think abou...

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  • PlanBee Yayoi Kusama Lesson Plan - Famous Artists KS1

    Yayoi Kusama

    Introduce your class to the famous modern female artist Yayoi Kusama and her dotty artwork! Known as the princess of polka dots, Kusama and her art...

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