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  • PlanBee Sikh Worship and Community: KS2 RE lesson plans

    Sikh Worship and Community

    Take a look at the ways in which Sikhs worship privately and as a community, at home and in the gurdwara. ย  #TheCompleteSeries5lessons This complet...

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  • PlanBee What do Sikhs believe? KS1 RE lesson planning

    What do Sikhs believe?

    Introduce children to the core beliefs of Sikhism, the Sikh creation story and other key features of this major world religion. ย  #TheCompleteSerie...

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  • PlanBee Sikh Rites of Passage: KS2 RE lesson planning pack

    Sikh Rites of Passage

    Learn what Sikhs believe and find out all about some of Sikhism's most important traditions, customs and rituals. ย  #TheCompleteSeries5lessons Thi...

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  • PlanBee Animal Stories Year 1/2 Planning Pack | KS1 RE Planning

    Animal Stories

    This Animal Stories KS1 RE planning pack introduces your Year 1/2 children to popular religions of the world including: Christianity, Judaism, Isla...

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