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  • PlanBee Crime and Punishment Timeline KS2 History Lessons by PlanBee

    Crime and Punishment

    These Crime and Punishment KS2 History lessons will take your Year 5 or Year 6 class on a journey through British history as they discover how crim...

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  • PlanBee Seaside Holidays in the Past KS1 Planning: Victorian Seaside Holidays

    Seaside Holidays in the Past

    Challenge your Year 1 or Year 2 class to explore seaside holidays in the past with this complete set of lesson planning and resources. Your KS1 cla...

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  • PlanBee Florence Nightingale KS1 Planning | PlanBee Year 2 History

    Florence Nightingale

    Meet Florence Nightingale, one of Britain's most famous historical figures, with this Florence Nightingale KS1 planning pack for Year 2. Find out a...

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  • PlanBee The Victorians KS2 Topic | Victorians Lessons for Year 5 & 6

    Victorians Topic

    This Victorians KS2 topic will introduce your class to one of the most important and fascinating periods in British History. Covering various aspec...

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  • PlanBee Famous Queens: Primary Teaching Resources for KS1

    Famous Queens

    Take your class on a royal journey and explore the lives of queens in the past and present. These KS1 History 'Famous Queens' lessons will teach yo...

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  • PlanBee Children in Victorian Britain | PlanBee KS2 History Lessons

    Children in Victorian Britain

    Journey back to the Victorian era with this History KS2 'Victorians' scheme as your class discover what life would have been like for them if they ...

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  • PlanBee Homes in the Past : KS1 History Planning for Year 1

    Homes in the Past

    Peek into the doors of the past as you and your class discover the history of homes. This KS1 'Homes in the Past' scheme of work investigates homes...

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  • PlanBee The Railway Revolution: Industrial Revolution Primary History for KS2

    The Railway Revolution

    Explore how the lives of people living in Britain changed thanks to the developments of steam engines and the growth of the railway network across ...

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  • PlanBee The Changing Role of Women | Women's History - KS2 History Resources`

    The Changing Role of Women

    Journey through the ages as your class explore the changing roles and rights of women from ancient times to today with this engaging and topical sc...

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  • PlanBee British History Heroes - History Primary Lesson Planning - KS2

    British History Heroes

    Take your class back in time to explore the lives and achievements of some of the people who we now consider to be โ€˜British history heroesโ€™. ย  #The...

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  • PlanBee Grace Darling KS1 Lesson Planning and Resources by PlanBee

    Grace Darling

    Instantly download three fully-resourced Grace Darling KS1 lessons which explore her incredible achievements as a lighthouse keeper's daughter. ย  #...

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  • PlanBee The Zulu Kingdom KS2 | Zulu History Lessons by PlanBee

    The Zulu Kingdom

    This Zulu Kingdom lesson pack for year 5/6 children is no ordinary history unit. You and your class will dive into the past with a different histor...

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