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  • PlanBee Saving Water Lesson Plans KS2 Resource | PlanBee

    Saving Water

    Teach and learn about the importance of saving the finite resource of water in this three-lesson scheme of work for Year 3 and 4. Discover the virt...

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  • PlanBee Water Topic KS2 Water in our World Lessons by PlanBee

    Water In Our World

    What are some of the ethical and environmental problems associated with the bottled water industry? What are the alternatives to using bottled wate...

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  • PlanBee Where is Water KS1 ESR Lessons by PlanBee

    Where is Water?

    This โ€˜Where is Water?โ€™ scheme of work for Year 1/2 begins by encouraging your class to think about where water comes from. They will then explore t...

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