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  • PlanBee Viking Art KS2 Lessons | Year 5 and Year 6 Art by PlanBee

    Viking Art

    Help your class learn more about Viking art and design in this Viking Art KS2 scheme of work for Year 5 and Year 6. Full of fun activities, with a ...

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  • PlanBee African Art KS1: Year 1 & 2 Art Lessons by PlanBee

    African Art

    Explore the colours and patterns of the African landscape and native tribes with this 'African Art' scheme of work for KS1. Teach your class how to...

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  • PlanBee Chinese Art KS2 Lesson Plans and Resources by PlanBee

    Chinese Art

    Take your Year 5 or Year 6 class on a journey to China with this ready-to-teach Chinese Art KS2 lesson planning pack as you explore hundreds of yea...

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  • PlanBee Indian Art KS2 Lesson Planning Packs for Year 3 & Year 4

    Indian Art

    This Indian Art KS2 lesson planning pack for Year 3 and Year 4 children will help immerse your class in the fascinating art and culture of India as...

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  • PlanBee Japanese Art for kids: PlanBee Art Lessons for UKS2

    Japanese Art

    Explore the amazing and varied art of Japan with this informative and engaging scheme of work for Year 5/6. The lessons cover a broad range of styl...

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  • PlanBee African Art KS2 | Art of Africa Lesson by PlanBee

    Art of Africa

    Dive into the rich culture of African art with this five-lesson scheme of work. Challenge your class to think carefully about which mediums they ch...

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  • PlanBee KS1 Aboriginal Art Lesson plan and resources by PlanBee

    Australian Aboriginal Art

    These Australian Aboriginal Art KS1 lessons for Year 1 and Year 2 will take your class on an exciting journey through the world of Indigenous Austr...

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