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  • PlanBee Earth and Space Year 5 Science Planning by PlanBee

    Earth and Space

    This Earth and Space Year 5 planning pack provides you with everything you need to meet the NC Science objectives for the Earth and Space topic. Th...

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  • PlanBee Space Topic KS2 Lessons for Year 5 & 6 by PlanBee

    Space Topic

    This creative cross-curricular Space KS2 topic has lessons across a variety of subject areas, and provides a wealth of learning opportunities as yo...

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  • PlanBee Solar System Word Search | PlanBee FreeBees

    Solar System Word Search

    These two differentiated 'Solar System' word searches are perfect for reinforcing knowledge of the solar system and what it contains, from planets ...

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  • PlanBee Outer Space 'Finish the Picture' | PlanBee FreeBees

    Outer Space 'Finish the Picture'

    This set of Space-themed 'Finish the Picture' resources provide a small piece of an image which your class can then complete being as imaginative a...

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  • PlanBee Alien Designs | PlanBee FreeBees

    Alien Designs

    Can your class design a their very own alien? This challenge would would be a perfect time filler during wet play!

  • Descriptive Writing Lesson Plans | Stories from Space KS2

    Stories from Space: Descriptive Writing

    Click here to preview PlanBee's English lessons for FREE These Stories from Spaceย Descriptive Writing Lesson Plans will take your class on an out-o...

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  • PlanBee Space Topic Cover | PlanBee FreeBees

    Space Topic Cover

    Download and print off this free topic cover to use with PlanBee's Space cross curricular topic for Year 5/6. Don't miss out on completing your spa...

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  • PlanBee FREE Solar System Display Posters - Planet Facts by PlanBee

    Solar System Display Posters

    Download these FREE printable Solar System Display Posters to share interesting planet facts and statistics with your class. Perfect for a classroo...

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  • PlanBee Alien Writing Frame | PlanBee FreeBees

    Alien Writing Frame

    These fun alien-themed writing frames are perfect for inspiring your children to write space stories, design their own aliens or describe their own...

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  • PlanBee Neil Armstrong KS2 Special People Lessons by PlanBee

    Neil Armstrong

    Children will find out all about the famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong. They will research his early life and career, find out about the Apollo 11 m...

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  • PlanBee Free Astronaut Writing Frame | PlanBee FreeBees

    Astronaut Writing Frame

    These three free and fun astronaut writing frames are a great resource to encourage independent writing. Perfect to use in conjunction with our Nei...

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  • PlanBee Free Planet Mnemonic Strips by PlanBee

    Planet Mnemonics Strip

    Your KS2 class can use these handy strips to make their own mnemonic to remember the order of the planets with! They are a great accompaniment to P...

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  • PlanBee Practising Multiplication & Division - Year 6 Maths Lesson Planning

    Practising Multiplication and Division

    This fun โ€˜Practising Multiplication and Divisionโ€™ scheme of work for Year 6 will not only remind them how to solve multiplication and division calc...

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  • PlanBee Planets Group Name Labels | PlanBee FreeBees

    Planets Group Name Labels

    Fold these fun and colourful nets into name labels and place them on your tables. They are the perfect accompaniment to PlanBee's Space Topic!