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  • PlanBee Fractions & Proportion - Maths Planning and Resources for Year 5

    Fractions and Proportion

    This great 'Fractions and Proportion' scheme of work for Year 5 will help them brush up their fractions skills and introduce a whole range of new s...

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  • PlanBee Understanding Place Value: place value Year 3 Maths lessons

    Understanding Place Value

    This Year 3 'Understanding Place Value' scheme of work is a great way to familiarise your class with the value of the different digits in a number ...

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  • PlanBee Time: Year 3 Maths Lesson Plans, Word Problems and Worksheets


    Time Year 3 Maths lesson planning pack. Includes detailed notes for teaching time in KS2, games, worksheets, time word problems and a range of diff...

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  • PlanBee A Million Numbers - Year 5 Maths Planning - Number & Place Value

    A Million Numbers

    This 'A Million Numbers' scheme of work for Year 5 will help your class to refine their understanding of the number system and will help them to be...

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  • PlanBee Finding Fractions: Year 3 fractions of amounts plans and resources

    Finding Fractions

    Finding fractions of amounts, as well as recognising and writing unit fractions and non-unit fractions, are the focus of these ready-to-teach Year ...

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  • PlanBee Year 4 Properties of 2D Shapes KS2 Maths by PlanBee

    Properties of 2D Shapes

    Help your class learn more about shapes with this great 'Properties of 2D Shapes' scheme of work for Year 4. Your children will explore and identif...

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  • PlanBee Place Value and Ordering: Year 4 Number & Place Value Maths Lessons

    Place Value and Ordering

    This Year 4 'Place Value and Ordering' series of lessons is jammed packed full of fun ways to teach your class about four-digit numbers and their p...

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  • PlanBee 2D Shape Year 3 Maths Lesson Pack by PlanBee

    2D Shape

    Shape up your children's understanding of 2D shapes with this series of 2D Shape lessons for Year 3! Help them identify a variety of 2D shapes and ...

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  • PlanBee What is Length? KS2 Maths Measurement Year 3 Lesson Planning

    What is Length?

    You don't have to go to great lengths to plan this scheme of work…we have done it all for you! Teach your class what length is, how it can be estim...

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  • PlanBee What is Place Value? Year 2 Maths lesson plans and resources

    What is Place Value?

    This place value Year 2 Maths lesson plan pack includes a detailed plan, place value games, worksheets and a range of differentiated activities, de...

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  • PlanBee Let's Use Number Bonds! KS1 Maths Lessons and Resources Year 2

    Let's Use Number Bonds

    This Year 2 'Let's Use Number Bonds!' scheme of work is a great way to introduce your class to number bonds to twenty and get them to apply their k...

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  • PlanBee Measuring Shapes Year 5 Maths Planning by PlanBee

    Measuring Shapes

    Measure 2D and 3D shapes with this engaging series of maths lessons. These five geometry lessons for children in Year 5 build on your children’s gr...

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  • PlanBee Multiplication Facts: KS2 Maths Lessons and Resources for Year 3

    Multiplication Facts

    Children will learn and use multiplication facts for the three and four times tables in lots of fun and exciting ways! They will also learn how to ...

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  • PlanBee Fractions and Time - Year 4 Primary Maths Resources

    Fractions and Time

    It's a mixed bag for this scheme of work as your children recap their fractions knowledge and learn about analogue and digital time. They will find...

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  • PlanBee Angles and Triangles Year 5 Maths by PlanBee

    Angles and Triangles

    Starting off at a point where most children in Year 5 will feel comfortable, these ‘Angles and Triangles’ lessons quickly up the ante throughout th...

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  • PlanBee Properties of Shapes Year 2 Maths Lessons by PlanBee

    Let's explore 2-D shapes

    Click here to preview PlanBee's Year 2 Maths lessons for FREE The properties of polygons and a range of 'special' quadrilaterals are explored in th...

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  • PlanBee Changing Time Year 5 Maths Lesson Planning Pack

    Changing Time

    Download these Changing Time Year 5 Maths lessons to help your class become experts at solving time problems. Your class will start by consolidatin...

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  • PlanBee Identify Numbers 1-20 Year 1 Maths by PlanBee

    Let's Identify Numbers

    This Year 1 'Let's Identify Numbers' scheme of work is a great way to familiarise your class with numbers to twenty and their values. By the end of...

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  • PlanBee Data Handling Year 4 Maths Lessons by PlanBee

    Data Handling

    This 'Data Handling' scheme of work for Year 4 is a great way to teach your class how to collect, present and organise various types of data throug...

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  • PlanBee Length, Weight & Capacity - Year 5 Maths Planning - Measurement

    Length, Weight and Capacity

    This 'Length, Weight and Capacity' scheme of work for Year 5 is designed to make your class more familiar with using units of measurement relating ...

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  • PlanBee Recording Length - Measurement Maths Lessons for Year 4

    Recording Length

    Children develop their understanding of length, and how to estimate, measure and record accurately.   #TheCompleteSeries5lessons They learn about t...

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  • PlanBee Multiplication and Division Facts - Times Tables | Year 4 Maths

    Multiplication and Division Facts

    This helpful 'Multiplication and Division Facts' scheme of work for Year 4 will help your class to become more familiar with their times tables and...

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  • PlanBee Mental Addition: KS2 Maths Addition and Subtraction Year 3

    Mental Addition

    Increase your children's confidence in adding numbers mentally with this set of 'Mental Addition' lesson plans for Year 3. Focusing on adding ones,...

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  • PlanBee Decimal Place Value - Complete Maths Lesson Plans & Resources - Year 6

    Decimal Place Value

    Help your children understand the number system better with this series of 'Decimal Place Value' lessons for Year 6. They will recap what the value...

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