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PlanBee Birthday Sale

To celebrate PlanBee's birthday, we created this collection with our Top 20 Best-selling Lesson Plan Packs, plus some hand-picked favourites from our team.

Abby's pick: What Do Scientists Do?

Year 3/4 Science

This was fascinating to put together and perfect for a Science Day/Week at school. It has a different focus and looks at the practical aspects that scientific learning can have and how people choose different areas of science to study in their career. It's lovely to hear feedback that this scheme has inspired children to aspire to be scientists when they grow up.

Becky's pick: Classifying Organisms

Year 6 Science

This was easily the most challenging scheme of work I've ever made! This was one of the schemes of work we created when the new National Curriculum came in a few years ago, and there was very little out there about classifying organisms which was appropriate for Year 6 children. It was fun to create such a challenging scheme of work, knowing how much it would help teachers get to grips with this area of science. The classification trees in the slides and worksheets were extremely time-consuming, but ultimately very rewarding to put together.

Catherine's pick: Sparks and Flames

Year 1/2 Art

I loved looking through paintings of the Great Fire of London and working out different ways to bring the topic to life for KS1 children. I wanted to give the children the opportunity to use a variety of materials to portray fire and I had a lot of fun getting stuck in with chalks, tissue paper, paint and recyclable materials working out the focus for each lesson.

Emma's pick: Animal Stories

Year 1/2 Religious Education

I love to think of fun and crafty activities that link well to the learning objective. I really enjoyed reading all of the different animal stories from different religions and learn how animals are respected. I had previously focused on English schemes so doing an RE scheme was a nice change! I also loved incorporating inquiry-based learning in this scheme and also class projects such as building a bug hotel. I would enjoy teaching this scheme which I think is a sign of a good scheme of work!

Laura's pick: Japanese Art

Year 5/6 Art

I love all things Japanese (except maybe sushi!) so I really enjoyed every aspect of creating this scheme. As well as covering popular themes like Manga, I focussed on less well-known areas of Japanese art, too. I found the Daruma dolls in the Folk Art lesson particularly interesting - when bought or made, the doll's eyes are blank. The owner thinks of a goal they want to achieve and paints in one eye. When they have achieved that goal, they paint in the other eye as a symbol of their achievement. I thought these might be appealing to children and teachers alike!

Oli's pick: Viking Science

Year 5/6 Science

It was a fun challenge to research and create a Science scheme of work that was thematically-linked to a popular primary topic like Vikings! I wasn't too familiar with Viking culture and history, having never taught it myself so it was fascinating learning about their homes, families and the resources they used. Science-wise, it's a really fun and varied scheme of work with lots of practical science that I know children get excited about doing. I was really pleased to get some open-ended, flexible scientific investigation in there, too. It's a fun scheme of work!

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