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Year 2 Maths

Year 2 Maths lesson planning, ready to teach.

In Year 2 Maths, pupils are required to build upon their knowledge of mathematics and deepen their understanding of number and place value, in particular. PlanBee Maths lesson plan packs for Year 2 include a choice of fun Maths lesson ideas, with various differentiated activities to suit a range of abilities. Among other things, children will learn how to use maths to solve problems, recognise and write fractions, and begin to interpret statistics.

Every single Year 2 Maths lesson planning pack includes a detailed teaching input and slides packed with challenging maths questions and clear explanations. Also included are a range of resources such as worksheets, games, word problems, puzzles, investigations and sets of questions – ideal for Maths practice, and to test your class's growing Maths knowledge.

 PlanBee Year 2 Maths schemes of work are part of our complete, year-round whole school maths curriculum packsMaths curriculum for the whole school.

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