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Year 2 Religious Education

Religious Education units of work and lesson planning for Year 2

Build on your young learners' knowledge and understanding of world religions, religious traditions and stories with varied, ready-to-teach schemes of work and individual lesson plan packs. Includes resources for learning about Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

  • PlanBee Easter Beginnings KS1 Easter Lessons by PlanBee

    Easter Beginnings

    From £2.99 to £10.00

    Enjoy this colourful and engaging scheme of work for KS1, teaching your class all about Easter. Your class will find out about the last few days of...

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  • PlanBee What did Jesus teach us? - Christianity KS1 RE Lessons and Resources

    What did Jesus teach us?

    From £2.99 to £12.00

    Teach your class who Jesus was and what he taught his followers with this series of 'What did Jesus teach us?' lessons for Year 1 and 2. Your class...

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  • PlanBee Christian Rites of Passage - KS1 Year 2 RE Lesson Planning | PlanBee

    Christian Rites of Passage

    From £2.99 to £10.00

    Do your children know what a rite of passage is? This 'Christian Rites of Passage' scheme of work will help your class learn all about these import...

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  • PlanBee Animal Stories Year 1/2 Planning Pack | KS1 RE Planning

    Animal Stories

    From £2.99 to £10.00

    This Animal Stories KS1 RE planning pack introduces your Year 1/2 children to popular religions of the world including: Christianity, Judaism, Isla...

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