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How can PlanBee improve your work-life balance?

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Follow the four simple steps below to get yourself up to speed with how PlanBee can help your teaching life:

Number 1

Preview our resources


Please note: all our resources comes as downloadable PDFs


PlanBee Bee

Number 2

Browse our planning packs - from single lessons to whole-school curriculum solutions

Schemes of work

Most of our planning packs are ready-to-teach schemes of work between 5 and 7 lessons long. Download the Complete Series or select one or more lessons using the dropdown menu to the right of the preview images.
(Click to view)
PlanBee schemes of work

Cross-Curricular Topics

We have a wide selection of pre-prepared topics with enough planning to cover a term or half-term's worth of work across a theme. Choose between our Classic Topics or Topic Bundles.  
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PlanBee cross-curricular topics

Curriculum Packs

We have put together whole-school planning packs that cover all National Curriculum objectives for any given subject from Year 1 to Year 6. Great for ensuring knowledge and skills progression.  
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PlanBee curriculum packs

PlanBee Bee

Number 3

Use the objective checker

Our unique Curriculum Objective Checker is a fantastic tool to help you quickly find EXACTLY the lesson packs you need to cover a specific learning objective. Our complete units of work are designed to ensure superb coverage of the KS1 and KS2 objectives of the National Curriculum for England.

PlanBee Bee

Number 4

Discover the supporting documents

Every PlanBee scheme of work comes with a free overview and editable assessment grid.

Overview Example (click to view):

PlanBee example scheme overview

Assessment Grid Example (click to view):

PlanBee example assessment grid

Look out for the grey tabs for these (and more) supporting documents and information on each product page:

PlanBee grey tabbed area on product pages

PlanBee Bee

That's it! You now know the PlanBee basics and hopefully have an idea of how much time you'll save by using some of our planning packs.

So get downloading! Go back to the Objective Checker or browse by subject to find what you need.

And remember, we're always here to help answer any questions or solve any planning woes so feel free to Contact Us anytime.

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