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Help: getting started

Everything you need to start saving time with fully-prepared lesson planning and resources

Quickstart guide: 1/3

What is PlanBee?

We're a team of experienced educators who make time-saving, fully-prepared and ready-to-teach lesson planning and resources for primary schools, teachers and home educators. Everything we make is created by qualified primary teachers, designed to address National Curriculum objectives and packed with information and activities for engaging, challenging and enjoyable teaching and learning.

Finding and choosing lesson planning and resources

We've made it easy to browse and shop for lesson planning and resources within seconds of visiting There's no need to create an account or sign in straight away – just find what you're looking for via the menu, search bar or our unique Curriculum Objective Checker, which allows you to find a lesson pack which comprehensively covers ANY National Curriculum objective for Key Stages 1 or 2.

It's all at your fingertips, at the top of every single page.

Buying and downloading lesson planning and resources

(including free resources)

Every single PlanBee resource, free or paid, is accessed in the same way: add it to your cart and check out. If you only have free resources in your cart, you won't be asked for payment information. Simple!

Payments are secure and encrypted. We never take—or store—payment details ourselves. Payments are processed by our trusted payment providers, Shopify and PayPal.

All PlanBee resources are digital downloads. We only offer digital products, and never ship physical resources. We don't ask for a shipping address, so we couldn't even if we wanted to!

Because they're digital files, you get them within seconds of buying. At the end of the checkout there's a download link to all of your resources. You'll also be sent an email confirmation with the same link.

Of course, you'll need a free PlanBee account – that way you can log back in and re-download your resources again in the future. However, there's no need to make a new account (or sign in to an existing account) before you start shopping – we'll help you log in or create a new account in seconds during the checkout process.

Creating a PlanBee account

As we said, if you don't yet have a PlanBee account, or you haven't logged into your account while shopping, we'll help you log in or sign up during the checkout process. However, if you prefer to make an account first, there are some excellent benefits to doing so:

  • You have the option to save resources to a wishlist
  • You'll save time at the checkout



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