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Now you're familiar with the basics, it's time to make the most of what we offer.

As well as our ever-popular lesson packs, we offer a number of other tools and resources to make your teaching life easier and enhance teaching and learning in your school.

Find resources to address ANY National Curriculum objective

Our unique Curriculum Objective Checker is a fantastic tool to help you quickly find EXACTLY the lesson packs you need to cover a specific learning objective. Our complete units of work are designed to ensure superb coverage of the KS1 and KS2 objectives of the National Curriculum for England.

It's a fantastic planning tool, and time-saving, too. Our members especially love it for the Maths objectives: it's easy to find a set of lessons for next week, in seconds!


A complete, ready-made curriculum for every subject

That's right, we've created comprehensive curriculum packs for almost every core and foundation subject! They're completely ready to download and teach, and packed with high-quality learning resources your whole school can rely on:

  • Every lesson pack is created by experienced primary teachers
  • Every curriculum pack is designed to ensure comprehensive coverage ofโ€”and progression throughโ€”all National Curriculum objectives for each subject
  • Objectives are revisited throughout, and knowledge, skills and understanding are built upon โ€“ both within each year group and throughout, from Year 1 to Year 6

Not only that, but we've also provided free supporting materials for you. These downloadable PDFs can help you decide whether a product meets your needs, and they're great for your school's long/medium-term planning:

  • Download curriculum planning documents (e.g. grids showing objective coverage and long-term planners) before you buy; ideal for showing to subject leaders and senior leaders who make purchasing decisions
  • Download medium-term overviews for every unit of work in a curriculum pack; see the resources you'll need, and the learning objectives and outcomes for every lesson
  • A growing number of knowledge and skills progression documents are now available; prepare for Ofsted 'deep dives'

Curriculum Packs are permanently discounted and the cheapest way to buy planning for your entire school or subject area. The curriculum planning documents are available to download, for free, on any of the Curriculum Pack product pages.

Alternatively, download this comprehensive subject leader's guide to Curriculum Packs - it includes all of the planning documents described above.


Download free medium-term overviews and assessment grids for every lesson pack

Did you know that every single PlanBee unit of work has valuable information and free resources on its product page? For example, check out Exploring Africa. At the bottom of the page (and on every product page), you'll see a set of tabs:

Tabbed descriptions on PlanBee product pages. They include links to download free resources.

The tabs include a list all the National Curriculum objectives covered by the unit, plus free download links for medium-term overviews and assessment grids. That's practically everything you need to slot your new unit of work into your existing long-term planning, and track pupils' progress as you teach it!

Stress-free, year-round Maths assessment that pupils will actually enjoy!

PlanBee Maths assessments really are a bit of a hidden gem! We've created these packs to enable you to assess pupils' knowledge, skills and understanding for every single Maths National Curriculum objective.

The Maths assessment packs include a question and answer sheet for assessing each and every objective for KS1 and KS2. They're structured in a way that is simple and self-explanatory. This means they're ideal for simple, ongoing assessment and tracking of your pupils' Maths learning. Give pupils the relevant sheet for homework, at the end of a week's learning โ€“ or even just print them out and invite children to grab one whenever they want to test themselves. They can pop them in your in-tray, and you'll immediately have a definitive snapshot of their progress.


ย Learn at Home Lessons: help children at home continue learning, uninterrupted

Created to help parents and teachers provide rich learning experiences during the 2020 school closures, these Learn at Home lesson packs are absolutely ideal to keep in your back pocket for future snow days and other occasional closures. Not only that, but they're great to give to parents whose children are off school for an extended period for a variety of reasons. They're completely standalone (so probably won't conflict with what you're already teaching in school), and with the included video teaching inputs, they practically teach themselves!

These lesson packs are also being used in ways we'd not even considered when we first made them for use in home education settings: They're the perfect resource to pull out for some very last minute teaching cover โ€“ with no advance preparation, staff can play the video, hand out the resources and facilitate the delivery of a great lesson.

Make sure all your pupils have access to high-quality learning, whether they're able to physically be in school or not:


There are loads of other little features all around PlanBee which we've designed to make life easier for our members. You can discover all the latest improvements we've made, right here on our blog.

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