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Find answers to (almost) all your problems, right here.

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Using the website (including cart and checkout)

Find answers here to common issues relating to exploring the main areas of For issues relating specifically to your PlanBee account and account page, see this section below.

Can't find an answer for your issue? Drop us a line, or click the live chat icon when available. Our friendly team are ready to assist!


I canโ€™t see X on the website / X isnโ€™t displaying correctly / when I click X, nothing happens

We're constantly updating to make it better for our users. Occasionally, issues can occur if you've previously visited PlanBee and are returning again since we made changes. This is partly due to the way in which your web browser storesโ€”or 'caches'โ€”information about websites. In many cases where something's displaying incorrectly or a button/link stops working, clearing out your web browser's cache can fix it. Here are three steps you can try, to resolve this common issue:


Step 1: perform a 'force refresh'.

The first thing to try, if you experience an issue like this, is a 'force refresh' (or 'hard refresh'). Doing a force refresh clears your web browser's cache, but only for the page you are currently viewing. This is a good first step as it won't delete cached information for other websites you've visited. The process is the same for most web browsers:

Using Windows? Hit Ctrl + F5

Using MacOS? Hit Cmd + Shift + R

Note that because a force refresh only clears the web browser's cache for the page you are on, you may need to repeat these keyboard commands if you experience similar issues on a different page, too.


Step 2: clear your browser's cache and cookies.

If doing a force refresh doesn't work, the next thing to try is clearing your web browser's cache and cookies for (or the entire cache). This article explains the process, depending which web browser you are using:

Note that, unless you follow the instructions specifically to clear the cache and cookies only for, all stored data for all websites you've previously visited will be cleared, too. This may make other websites slower to load, the first time you visit them again.


Step 3: update and restart your web browser.

More recent versions of modern web browsers will update automatically, ensuring you are always using the latest version that is compatible with your device. However, they may only update when closed and re-started/re-opened:

Using Windows? Making sure that your web browser is the active window, hit Ctrl + F4

Using MacOS? Making sure that your web browser is the active window, hit Cmd + Q

Once fully closed, re-open your web browser. If your web browser is older, or does not update automatically, consult its documentation to find out how to update it.


I've contacted you, but not heard anything back

Whether you've emailed us directly, used the contact form or left us a message via the chat icon, we aim to respond promptly. Our team typically respond within 24 hours Mon-Fri (although often much sooner if you contact us during our normal office hours 8am-4pm).

Occasionally, technical issues may prevent your message reaching us, or vice versa. Here's what to do if you've contacted us and not heard back:

  • Check your junk/spam folder. We almost always respond via email, so make sure our reply hasn't accidentally been binned.
  • Add to your address book and/or whitelist/greylist. Adding us to your address book your email provider incorrectly marking our emails as junk/spam. Some email providers include a 'whitelist' or 'greylist' in settings, where you can add addresses which are safe to receive emails from. If you have this option, please add our email address.
  • Tried everything else? Contact us via a different method. If you first got in contact via the form on our website, please try emailing instead. Alternatively, our friendly team can be contacted via live chat (when available) as well as via direct message on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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    Your PlanBee account

    It's free to create an account at Having created an account in seconds, members can start downloading free and premium primary resources and lesson planning packs straight away.




    I can't find a resource I've previously purchased

    There are two ways to find your previously purchased resources in the account area:

    1. Browse purchased resources in My Downloads. This is the quickest way to find and download your resources. Every resource in your account (including free and paid resources) is listed here by order date: most recent, first. You can search/filter by resource name using the search field at the top of the page:

    Click on any resource to open the download link.

    Note that the search box only searches the 48 most recent orders, visible on the first page of My Downloads. To search for resources in older orders, select another page of orders/resources via the pagination links at the bottom of the page, then repeat your search.

    2. Browse purchased resources in My Orders. You can also find all of the resources, grouped by order, here. Click 'Download resources' below any order to access its download link:

    Once you click a download link (either in My Downloads or My Orders), a new page will open showing individual links to download each resource in the order. Note that, for larger files, a Google warning will display before you can start downloading it. It is okay to disregard this message and continue to download the file anyway.


    I can't change/update my email address

    In your PlanBee account, you can change almost all of your details yourself, apart from your email address. This is for security purposes. If you would like to change your account email address, please email us from the old address, stating which new address you would like to change to.


    Your order

    I can't download resource(s) in my order

    When you place an order, a link to download your resources is shown on the final page of the checkout. You will also receive an order confirmation email with a download link. After ordering, you can also find and download your resources from the My Downloads/My Order pages in the account area.

    Clicking the download link opens a new web browser tab/window. Your browser may display a dialogue box asking for permission to open the link in a new tab/window. If it does not, andโ€”when you click on the download linkโ€”a new tab/window does not open, you may need to change the permissions for manually. The process varies depending on the browser you are using. In Google Chrome, click the padlock icon in the address bar and allow pop-ups and redirects:



    On the download page, click the link(s) for the resource(s) you wish to download. Depending on your web browser's settings, the file(s) may either automatically download to a folder on your computer which you have previously specified, or a dialogue box may be displayed, asking where you would like to save the file(s). Note that, for larger files, a Google warning will display before you can start downloading it. It is okay to disregard this message and continue to download the file anyway.

    What to do if the download links don't work:


  • Try one of the alternative links, e.g. in your order confirmation email or account area.
  • Try a force refresh of the page you are viewing, then click the download link again.
  • Try clearing your web browser's cache and cookies, then click the download link again.
  • If all else fails, please get in contact. Our friendly team are ready to help!


    My downloaded resource won't open

    Occasionally, files can become corrupted during downloading. The first thing to try is re-downloading the file again. If the new download still won't open/unzip, please see this information about opening and viewing PlanBee resources. If you still can't open/view your resources after that, please do get in contact.


    I accidentally ordered a resource I don't want/need

    In most case we can resolve your issue quickly if you have not yet downloaded the resource you purchased in error. Please note that while we cannot offer refunds for a resource once it has been downloaded, we always strive to resolve things in a way that is satisfactory. Please get in contact straight away if you have purchased a resource in error. Please also refer to our Refunds, Exchanges and Errors policy.


    I forgot to apply a promo code to my order (or the promo code didn't work).

    As a rule, we don't apply promo codes to orders retrospectively. It's a rule because, unfortunately, some of our promos just don't work like that โ€“ we literally can't apply them after an order is placed. However, in some cases we may still be able to apply a code. If you have forgotten to apply a promo code to your order and it is still valid, please get in contact and we'll see what we can do โ€“ no promises, though! Please also refer to our Promo Codes, Discounts and Sales Ts and Cs.


    Some information on my order is incorrect

    If something's wrong on your order confirmation email or invoice (e.g. the billing address, contact information or order note), please get in contact and we'll make the necessary changes, or cancel your order and create a new one with the correct information.


    The tax/discount amounts don't look right

    The prices of all resources are shown inclusive of VAT. Because all PlanBee resources are digital products, tax is estimated on the product pages and in the cart, then accurately calculated at the checkout. The amount of tax due depends on the country you are purchasing from. Wherever you are in the world, the price you pay for the resources is the same. To ensure your order has tax correctly calculated, please ensure you have selected the correct country when setting your billing address.

    If something looks wrong, please get in contact and we'll take a look.


    Your resources

    I can't open/view my downloaded resources

    Please see this information about opening and viewing PlanBee resources.


    There's an error in my resources

    All our resources are proofread for errors before we make them available to buy. Unfortunately, errors do sometimes still get through. If you find an error in a resource, please tell us straight away. We aim to fix errors quickly, and in the majority of case we are able to do just that. We're always grateful when we're told about an error, which is why we offer The Bug Bounty to customers who spot one.