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What are PlanBee's Cross-Curricular Topic lessons like?

Good question! We have two different types of cross-curricular topics here at PlanBee:

Classic Topics = a set of 17 or 18 lessons across a range of subjects.

Topic Bundles = four complete schemes of work all around the same theme.

Both types of topics provide enough planning to cover a term or half term, depending on how much time you have to dedicate to topic learning.

Classic Topic Overview Example (click to view):

Example Topic Overview

Topic Bundle Overview Example (click to view):

Example Topic Bundle Overview

Preview our Topics

Click on the buttons to preview each lesson.

Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the lesson plan, slides and printable resources.

Use the tools in the bottom-right corner to zoom in, view the thumbnails and view in full screen.


Year 1/2 Music

Under the Sea

Year 3/4 DT


Year 5/6 Computing