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What are PlanBee's Year 4 Maths lessons like?

We've developed a complete Year 4 Maths curriculum that covers all National Curriculm objectives and ensures excellent knowledge and skills progression.

This means that in just a couple of clicks you can have your whole year of Maths planning sorted!

Pick a lesson or a scheme of work to plug any gaps in your own planning, or download the whole Year 4 Maths Curriculum. The choice is yours!

We have arranged the schemes of work by term but you can pick and choose whichever suits your needs best. They're designed to be flexible.

Lesson Plans

Each Year 4 Maths scheme of work comes with five easy-to-follow lesson plans. Each lesson plan is differentiated three ways and also has a 'Fancy Something Different...?' activity, which provides an alternative to the main learning.

Each lesson plan contains:

  • A clear learning objective
  • A mental oral starter
  • A teaching input that corresponds closely to the slides
  • A differentiated main activity
  • A plenary
  • Assessment questions
  • A list of resources included, as well as any supplementary resources you may need, such as counters or dice
Exploring subtraction plan
Exploring subtraction bees background
Exploring subtraction slide 1
Exploring subtraction slide 2
Exploring subtraction slide 3
Exploring subtraction slide 4
Exploring subtraction slide 5
Exploring subtraction slide 6
Exploring subtraction slide 7
Exploring subtraction slide 8
Exploring subtraction slide 9
Exploring subtraction slide 10

Download the FREE Maths Sample Lessons below to preview more Year 4 Maths lessons

Slideshow Presentations

Every PlanBee lesson comes with a comprehensive slideshow presentation that corresponds with the teaching input from the lesson plan.

The slides will guide you and your class through the mental oral starter, the teaching input and the plenary.

Within each set are plenty of opportunities for children to get involved with the learning. As well as all the teaching points you will need to cover, there are questions, challenges, games and puzzles.

Worksheets and Printable Resources

Each lesson pack comes with a wide range of worksheets and printable resources to enable children to carry out the activities detailed on the lesson plan.

Typically, a set of printable resources might include:

  • Worksheets
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Challenge cards
  • Picture cards
  • Number cards
  • Help sheets
  • ...and much more
Exploring subtraction worksheet 1
Exploring subtraction worksheet 2
Exploring subtraction worksheet 3
Exploring subtraction worksheet 4
Exploring subtraction worksheet 5
Exploring subtraction worksheet 6
Exploring subtraction worksheet 7

Supporting Documents

Each of our Year 4 Maths schemes of work comes with a free weekly overview that shows you what is taught throughout the week at a glance. You can download these free of charge on each product page. Just scroll down the product page to the grey tabs.

Assessment Questions

We have a complete set of assessment quizzes – one page for every single Year 4 National Curriculum objective!

These printable PDFs contain a series of fun questions and activities to assess children's understanding of a particular objective. Great for assessment at the end of a scheme of work or as homework activities!

Assessment Grid

We have a handy editable PDF assessment document that's completely free to download. This assessment grid allows you to record each child's progress across the year.

Simply type the child's name in the top row, then choose your own method for recording their understanding in the boxes provided.

Frequently Asked Maths Questions:

Do you have to teach the schemes of work in order?

No, not necessarily! We have designed the Year 4 Maths curriculum so that it provides good knowledge and skills progression, but that doesn't mean you have to stick rigidly to the term and order we set out.

If you would like to take a closer look at how we've planned each strand to build on previous knowledge, you can have a look at our Strand Progression Overview, which you can find on the final page of our Maths Overview.

Do the Maths schemes of work come with answer sheets?

Of course! We provide answer sheets for any necessary worksheets or activities as standard within each pack.

Do your schemes fit with White Rose?

We have created a completely bespoke Maths curriculum but that doesn't mean you can't use our schemes if you're using White Rose, or any other Maths programme! Check out our Strand Progression Overview to see how you can teach in strand blocks as opposed to the 'PlanBee' order.

Do you do any discounts on Maths?

Mmmmmaybe 😉 Check out our Special Offers page to see any current promotions.

Can I buy a term's worth of Maths planning in one go?  

Absolutely! Check out our Maths Curriculum Packs.