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Chocolate Poetry : Gathering Poem Ideas

SKU E4IL90783
Key Stage 2 English Year 4

In this Poem Ideas KS2 lesson plan, your Year 4 class will begin to gather ideas for a chocolate-themed narrative poem of their own!

After first discussing their own opinions, memories and stories about chocolate, children will be reminded of the 'main ingredients' of a narrative poem by analysing a short chocolate-themed anecdote. They will then begin to jot down and plan out their ideas for their own chocolate narrative poem.

This Poem Ideas KS2 lesson pack has everything you need to get your Year 4 children's creativity flowing! It includes a detailed plan, an engaging slide show for the teaching input, as well as differentiated worksheets and activity ideas.

What's included in 3 of 5 - Gathering Poem Ideas :

  • Lesson Plan
  • Slides
  • Ideas Sheet 3A/3B/3C
  • Chocolate-themed Scenario Cards
  • Figurative Language Help Cards
  • Bruce Bogtrotter and the Chocolate Cake Extract
  • Planning Sheet
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