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Chocolate Poetry : Writing a Poem

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Key Stage 2 English Year 4

Your Year 4 class will compose their own chocolate-themed poetry in this Narrative Poem Writing lesson pack!

Children will first briefly revisit Michael Rosen's poems 'Chocolate Cake' and 'Chocolate' to remind themselves of the devices he uses to make his poems engaging for the reader. They will also learn about line breaks, and start to identify the two main types: end-stopped lines and enjambed lines. Children will then use this knowledge, and their ideas from the previous lesson, to write their own chocolate-themed narrative poem.

Included in this Narrative Poem Writing lesson pack is an easy-to-follow plan, a set of informative slides for the teaching input and a range of helpful resources.

What's included in 4 of 5 - Writing a Poem:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Slides
  • The Chocolate Incident Sheet
  • Ideas Sheets from previous lesson
  • Checklist A/B/C
  • Poem Template Sheet A
  • Planning Sheets from previous lesson
  • Poem Template Sheet B
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