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50% off new Platinum memberships before 31st August!

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Extreme Earth: Geography | Volcanoes

SKU T56IL4020011
Key Stage 2 Topic Year 5 Year 6

Download this Volcanoes lesson plan pack to teach your KS2 class what volcanoes are, how they are formed and what happens when they erupt. The included slideshow presentation for the teaching input will start by showing your class some fascinating photos of volcanoes, before going on to explain in further detail how volcanoes are formed, why they erupt and how eruptions affect the environment around the volcano.

Your Year 5 or Year 6 children can then express their understanding of volcanoes in a variety of ways, including writing a volcano poem. There is also the opportunity of creating their own erupting volcanoes using a few simple ingredients!

This Volcanoes lesson plan comes with everything you need to deliver the lesson...apart from the baking soda, vinegar and food colouring! All you need to do is download, teach and enjoy watching your class become fascinated with volcanoes.

What's included:

  • Lesson plan
  • Slides
  • Activity ideas
  • Differentiated worksheets
  • Picture cards
  • Volcano acrostic sheet
  • Help sheet
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