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Get a Platinum Membership with PlanBee

A Platinum Membership gives your school complete access to the entire PlanBee library for a whole year!

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Platinum Membership

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Imagine being able to provide your teaching staff with all the planning they need for a year.
What kind of difference would that make to teacher wellbeing in your school?

Why should my school invest in a Platinum membership?

PlanBee’s teaching resources are a little different from many other resource sites. We have developed complete curricula across a range of subjects so that your planning is covered for the whole year.

Each individual lesson contains a detailed plan, a slideshow for the teaching input, differentiated activity ideas and a range of printable resources.

Each lesson forms part of a whole scheme of work, generally containing 5-7 lessons. Perfect for a half term’s worth of teaching.

Schemes are arranged into complete curricula, designed to ensure curriculum coverage for a particular subject from Year 1 to Year 6 across
the whole academic year.

PlanBee’s resources are not piecemeal or thrown together quickly – it takes a single worker bee at least a week, more likely two, to put together a six-lesson scheme of work. Our focus is:

  • ensuring meticulous coverage of National Curriculum objectives
  • creating lessons that are engaging, informative and challenging
  • making sure that lessons are accessible to all learners through three-way differentiation and an alternative activity

What is a Platinum membership?

A Platinum Membership gives your school complete access to the entire PlanBee library for a whole year. That means all your Science, History, Geography, Maths, RE, Art and DT planning (and much more) for the entire year would be planned, resourced and ready to teach.

How do staff access the resources?

As a Platinum member, you will have a centralised PlanBee account which all your staff can log in and access whenever they need. Just log in, choose the planning you would like, add it to your basket and check out. Once you have checked out for free, the resources will be available permanently from your PlanBee account. They are never deleted – even at the end of your membership.