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Positive and Negative Numbers: Negative number lines – counting backwards

SKU M5IL30142
Key Stage 2 Maths Year 5

Use negative number lines, and counting backwards through zero, to solve a variety of subtraction calculations where the second number is larger than the first.

In this lesson—after recapping counting on and back in tens from a four-digit number—children are asked to consider what they already know about negative numbers and describe where they have seen them before. They'll then learn how to complete a subtraction calculation resulting in a negative number by counting backwards, using a negative and positive number line to help them.

The included slides and detailed lesson plan with teaching input clearly explain how to do this type of calculation, and include several questions for children to attempt themselves. There's also a choice of differentiated learning activities and supporting resources where children can then practise subtraction calculations resulting in negative numbers, and have a go at ordering positive and negative numbers on a number line.

What's included:

  • Lesson plan
  • Slides
  • Activity ideas
  • Differentiated worksheets
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