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The Seaside: Recounts | Improving with Adjectives

SKU E12IL90646
Key Stage 1 English Year 1 Year 2

Use this complete KS1 Recounts lesson to finish off your recount writing topic. This lesson focuses on the addition and use of adjectives in a recount to describe and add detail. The children are challenged to take their previous writing and improve it using adjectives. The included printable resources for this lesson provide the children with a supporting template to focus their improvement on a sentence at a time.

Along with a detailed lesson plan, KS1 recount examples and engaging lesson slides this lesson provides you with all you need to help your class to begin to evaluate and improve their writing.

What's included in 6 of 6 - Recounts | Improving with Adjectives:

  • Lesson plan
  • Slides
  • Activity ideas
  • Word bank
  • Improvement cards
  • Differentiated recounts
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