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  • PlanBee African animals themed Year 2 English Lesson Plan by PlanBee

    African Tails English Pack

    From £2.99 to £35.00

    This fully resourced, downloadable Year 2 English planning pack, themed around African animals, will inspire your class to read, write and understa...

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  • PlanBee Describing Dinosaurs Year 1 - Dinosaur Writing Activities KS1

    Describing Dinosaurs

    From £2.99 to £10.00

    This themed dinosaur activities KS1 planning pack challenges your Year 1 class to write a description of a dinosaur using their knowledge and under...

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  • PlanBee Twas the Night Before Christmas Lesson Plans | Year 2 Poetry

    'Twas the Night Before Christmas

    From £2.99 to £14.50

    These KS1 'Twas the Night Before Christmas lesson plans and activities for Year 2 contain seven ready-to-teach lessons themed around this classic n...

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  • PlanBee Year 6 English Planning Pack | This is Me | 20 Complete Lessons

    This is Me English Pack

    From £2.99 to £35.00

    This pack of Year 6 Writing ideas offers you 20 complete lessons which are perfect end-of-year projects for any KS2 class. From autobiographies to ...

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