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Start improving your work-life balance - try PlanBee for FREE for 7 days

Decolonising the Curriculum: Our Pledge

Here at PlanBee, we continuously review and improve our lessons to ensure they're up to date and give educators the resources they need for rich teaching and learning experiences. As part of this ongoing programme of improvement, we're taking steps to ensure our lesson planning represents, speaks to, and inspires all children, whatever their gender or sex, disability, race, religion or belief.

Change happens a little at a time, and we're proud of our latest step in the right direction: decolonising the curriculum. We're planning for better representation of children of all races in our new resources, and identifying areas where children can be better represented in our existing resources (as part of our ongoing revision programme). Additionally, we're working with an inspiring leader in primary education, @goodmorningmsfoster, to embed this ethos into what we do, every day. As well as learning from her, we've collaborated to produce a brand new scheme of work that directly addresses these aspirations.

This is our pledge:

To question all aspects of the curriculum we create and take action to ensure that people featured in our lessons are well-represented—truthfully, accurately and fairly—regardless of race. This includes their colour, ethnicity and nationality.

To ensure that the lessons we create represent, speak to, and inspire all children, whatever their race.

This is what we aspire to.

Becky Cranham – founder and director, PlanBee