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Education for Social Responsibility (ESR)

Education for Social Responsibility: give children the skills they need to look after the planet and its people.

Education for Social Responsibility is a primary citizenship and environmentalism curriculum for KS1 and KS2. Prepare children for the future with lessons which gives them the skills to care for the world they will inherit.

Welcome to our brand new ESR (Education for Social Responsibility) curriculum, full of planning to help prepare your children for a future in an uncertain world. From climate change and fragile ecosystems to ethical trade, finite resources and living fulfilled lives, our ESR curriculum is designed to help children prepare for the future. Teach your class about the many challenges the world is facing, give them the inspiration and passion to improve and preserve the future of our planet, and help them to live happy, healthier, kinder lives.

Social responsibility means thinking about the bigger picture and living your life in a way which benefits society at large – including those living in other parts of the world. Teaching children to be socially responsible is vital for ensuring they can live happy, healthy, safe lives in the future.

The importance of social responsibility cannot be overestimated, particularly for future generations who will be living in an increasingly connected world. Here at PlanBee, we believe that teaching children about human rights and how to be responsible global citizens should be at the heart of primary education. That's why, in every ESR lesson, there's a strong focus on civic engagement, and throughout the curriculum, information about what life is like for those in other parts of the world.

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