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PlanBee for Home Educators

Support your children's learning at home with our ready-to-teach lesson plan packs. These fully-prepared lessons and schemes of work match National Curriculum objectives and are written by experienced primary teachers.  

Downloadable, ready-to-teach lessons

Whether you home educated before the pandemic, or you are new to home educating, teaching your children at home can be a challenge.

At PlanBee, we've used our years of teaching experience to create fully-planned engaging teaching resources for primary school children. Our packs are completely ready to teach, with all the resources and differentiation you need. This means you don't need to spend hours scouring the internet for quality resources or worksheets to support your child learning about topics that interest them.

Lesson Plans


Printable Resources

Each of our lessons, whether individual or part of a scheme of work, comes with all the resources you need to deliver the lesson, including a lesson plan, a slideshow presentation for the teaching input, differentiated activities, an alternative activity idea and a range of printable resources.

Learning sessions on YouTube

  • See our resources in action for free

  • Let us deliver the lessons for you

  • Let us take the teaching load for a lesson or two

Free Home Learning Packs

KS1 (Year 1/2)
5-7 year olds

Ages 5-7

LKS2 (Year 3/4)
7-9 year olds

Ages 7-9

UKS2 (Year 5/6)
9-11 year olds

Ages 9-11

Download free Maths and English home learning packs with resources you can print, or use on your computer or tablet. Each pack is full of PDFs targeted at specific age groups.

Informative Home Education Blogs

Our Home Education Journey

Ages 5-7

Make TV Educational During Lockdown

Ages 7-9

Our Best Resources for Home Learning

Ages 9-11

Read tips for engaging young learners, view live learning sessions, hear from other home educators, discover activity ideas and lots more!

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Cross-Curricular Topics

Special People

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