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Start improving your work-life balance - try PlanBee for FREE for 7 days
Start improving your work-life balance - try PlanBee for FREE for 7 days
5-star review for PlanBee Primary Resources


Find out what teachers and school leaders have to say about PlanBee...

Why teachers love PlanBee

Why school leaders love PlanBee

Over 5000 Verified Reviews...

5-star review for PlanBee

"The overview and plans for my chosen subjects are so rich, well laid out and it made delivery very engaging, fun and diverse. Thumbs up PlanBee"

- Kemi Mukan

"The only site you need, a one stop shop! It has outstanding resources and planning - such a time saver for busy teachers. I don't know what I would do without it 😊"

- Ms T

"It takes all the time wasting out and there are so many ideas. Thank you for saving me time and stress."

- Sukhie Bhogal

"I love the level of thought and detail that has gone into all the plans and resources. They really do take the time and effort out of things, meaning that you can focus on honing things to exactly suit your needs, picking which parts you will and won't use and which resources are best for the children you have or adapting to make a better fit. All of this then means you have more energy and motivation to actually deliver, teach and motivate your children."

- C&R

"The visuals and activities were engaging and easy to differentiate. I used it for my second observed lesson, when given 3 hours to prepare! PlanBee was a life saver, and the feedback was great!"

- Lisa Littlewood-Hughes

"As always an excellent resource that has saved me so much time. The children love the lessons."

- Ruth Houghton

"Brilliant resources. Lesson plans link to the national curriculum and very appropriate to the age group. PowerPoints are really engaging and easy to follow. Differentiated worksheets cover all needs and abilities."

- Caroline Foster

"Really happy with these engaging materials! My class were very motivated and I felt relaxed enough to enjoy teaching them and not worrying I was missing some vital learning objectives as I know how carefully they'll all planned. The progression is great too. Some lovely work was produced by the children"

- Kemi Mukan