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  • PlanBee Terror Tables: Halloween-themed Times Tables by PlanBee

    Terror Tables


    These spooky halloween-themed times tables test worksheets are free to download. Includes answer sheets.

  • PlanBee FREE Moveable Skeleton Template by PlanBee

    Moveable Skeleton Template


    Get your KS2 class practising their cutting and joining skills with this fun, free Moveable Skeleton Template!

  • PlanBee Printable Halloween Activities for Kids by PlanBee

    Halloween FreeBee Pack


    Here is a pack of some of our brilliant Halloween FreeBees all in one place. This pack contains: word searches, writing templates, colouring pages,...

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  • PlanBee FREE Halloween pictures for kids by PlanBee

    Halloween Colouring Sheets


    Use these fun Halloween-themed colouring sheets to encourage mindfulness in your class!

  • PlanBee FREE Halloween Word Search created by PlanBee

    Halloween Word Search


    These two differentiated word search puzzles for KS2 will keep your class busy in the run up to halloween! Take a look at our other Halloween FreeB...

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  • PlanBee Creepy Crawly Calculations | Free Maths Resource by PlanBee

    Creepy Crawly Calculations


    Encourage children to generate their own number sentences for any given target number - you can make it as simple or as challenging as you like

  • PlanBee FREE Spooky Halloween Acrostic Poem Templates by PlanBee

    Halloween Acrostic Poem Template


    Fun and spooky Halloween themed acrostic templates to get your class thinking and writing their own Halloween acrostic poems.

  • PlanBee FREE Halloween Story Cards created by PlanBee

    Halloween Story Cards


    A collection of Halloween themed story cards for your class. A perfect way to get inspiration for an infinite number of spooky stories. 

  • PlanBee Describe the Scene: Halloween Descriptive Writing by PlanBee

    Describe the Scene: Halloween Descriptive Writing


    Use this seasonal Describe the Scene: Halloween Descriptive Writing sheet to help your children develop their descriptive skills.

  • PlanBee Spooky Coordinates Activity Puzzle for KS2 by PlanBee

    Spooky Co-ordinates Puzzle


    Download this FREE Halloween-themed co-ordinates KS2 puzzle and challenge your class to reveal the spooky picture by plotting the co-ordinates and ...

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  • PlanBee FREE downloadable Halloween Writing Frames by PlanBee

    Halloween Writing Frames


    Encourage your class do some creative writing with these FREE Halloween-themed writing frames!

  • PlanBee Free printable Halloween Sudoku by PlanBee

    Halloween Sudoku


    Challenge your class with these Halloween Sudoku puzzles! They are a fun Halloween-themed way to developing problem-solving skills.

  • PlanBee FREE downloadable Halloween Word Scramble Game by PlanBee

    Halloween Word Scramble


    Trick or Treat' your class with this free-to-download Halloween Word Scramble! Challenge your class to unscramble the letters and reveal the Hallow...

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  • PlanBee FREE Design a Halloween Jumper Worksheet by PlanBee

    Design a Halloween Jumper


    Resurrect' your class's creative skills and imagination with this fun, seasonal time-filler!