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African Animal Facts for Children and Teachers

African Animal Facts for Children and Teachers

Some of the most famous animals in the world are found in Africa. Check out these fascinating African animal facts. 


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What is the largest African animal?

The African elephant is the largest living land mammal. It can weigh more than 6 tonnes! Male elephants can be up to 3.4 m tall. Female elephants can be up to 2.6 m tall. Elephants are vulnerable to endangerment. 


African Animal Facts - African ElephantsAfrican Elephants are the largest living land mammal in the wild


What is the largest African primate?

The Gorilla is the largest primate on Earth. Male Gorillas can weigh up to 195 kg. Female Gorillas can weigh up to 113 kg. Gorillas live in the forests of Sub-Saharan Africa. Gorillas are a critically endangered species.  


African Animal Facts - GorillasA family of African Silverback Gorillas in Rwanda


What is the largest African reptile?

The Nile crocodile is the largest reptile in Africa. They can be 5 metres long! Nile crocodiles have an extremely powerful bite. 


African Animal Facts - Nile CrocodileA Nile crocodile showing its teeth


What is the largest African amphibian?

The Goliath frog is the largest living frog on Earth. They can grow to be 32 cm long. They live in Africa in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. They are an endangered species. 


African Animal Facts - Goliath FrogThe Goliath Frog is the largest frog in the world and is found in Africa


What is the largest African bird?

The ostrich is the largest bird on Earth. Male ostriches grow to be 2.8 m tall. Female ostriches grow to be 2 m tall. They live in savannas in Africa. Ostriches are flightless birds and can run at speeds of 60 mph. 


African Animal Facts - Ostrich

Ostrich running through tall grass on a clear day


Did You Know...

Did you know that penguins live in Africa? There is a large colony of African penguins living near the cape in South Africa. African penguins are an endangered species.


African Animal Facts - Colony of PenguinsColony of African penguins on a rocky beach in South Africa


What is the fastest African land animal? 

The fastest African land animal is the cheetah. Cheetah can run at speeds of between 70 mph and 75 mph. 


African Animal Facts - CheetahsA cheetah and cubs in the Masai Mara, Kenya


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What are the world's fastest land mammals?

  1. Cheetah (70-75 mph)
  2. Pronghorn (55 mph) Lives in North America 
  3. Springbok (55 mph) 
  4. Blue Wildebeest (50 mph)
  5. Lion (50 mph)
  6. Blackbuck (50 mph) Lives in India, Nepal and Pakistan
  7. Hare (50 mph) Lives in Africa, Eurasia, North America and Japanese archipelago
  8. Greyhound (46 mph) Originated in Europe
  9. Jackrabbit (45 mph) Lives in western United States and Mexico
  10. African wild dog (44 mph)


Did You Know...

Did you know that four of the five fastest land mammals in the world live in Africa? 

The animals written in red in this list do not live in Africa.


What is the 'Big Five' in Africa?

In Africa, the five animals tourists want to see the most on safari are called the Big Five. The big five African animals are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo.

The phrase 'Big Five' was originally made by hunters as these animals are the hardest to hunt on foot.

African Animal Facts - The Big Five The Big Five African Animals


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