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Our Curriculum Offer

At PlanBee, we understand that every school is unique, with its own values, challenges and goals

That's why we have developed a range of curriculum solutions - so you can decide which is best for your school. Whether you're looking to adapt or enrich your current curriculum or to build something entirely new, we can support you.

You can purchase ready-made curriculum packs, which offer complete, ready-to-teach curricula for each of our subjects, or use a School Subscription to create your own bespoke curriculum by combining schemes and topics of your choice from our complete collection.

Our resources are created by a small team of experienced teachers and curriculum specialists. Each scheme is carefully designed, in line with our curriculum vision and principles, to match National Curriculum objectives and to progressively build children's vocabulary, knowledge and skills.

We are proud to share that, in a recent survey of our Whole School Subscribers, 100% of respondents agreed that:

  • PlanBee subscription had enhanced their school curriculum offer
  • They would recommend a PlanBee subscription to other school leaders
  • PlanBee subscription offers good value for money

Design your own curriculum with a School Subscription...

PlanBee's meticulously planned schemes of work are perfect for building your own customised curriculum.

Our School Subscription provides unlimited access to our complete library of resources with hundreds of well-researched schemes of work, engaging cross-curricular topics and thousands of individual lessons. So, you have the flexibility to chose the schemes and topics which meet the needs and interests of your children.

As each scheme comes ready-to-teach, you can change schemes and adapt your curriculum, fuss-free.

Instantly download schemes of work to easily build your curriculum

Use our objective checker to map your curriculum and ensure coverage

Free overviews for each scheme of work to map your medium-term plans

Free assessment grids for each scheme of work to easily track learning

In a recent survey of our School Subscribers, 100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that PlanBee subscription had helped to:

  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in their school
  • Offer children a consistent learning experience
  • Protect their staff from an unmanageable workload

... Or use our ready-made Curriculum Packs

Our thoughtfully-sequenced subject Curriculum Packs take the headache out of planning and let your staff concentrate on delivering excellent learning experiences for your children.

Each pack offers a complete, ready-to-teach curriculum from Year 1 through to Year 6. National Curriculum objectives are fully covered, knowledge and skills progression is built-in and every scheme is well-resourced with a medium-term overview, detailed lesson plans, slideshows and a range of resources.

A set of ready-to-teach schemes of work - one per term or half term for each year group

All National Curriculum objectives covered and coherently sequenced

Supporting documentation maps coverage as well as knowledge and skills progression

Each scheme offers detailed
planning and resources

We want you to make the best decision for your school so read on to find out more...