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Best KS1 and KS2 Resources for Home Learning

Best KS1 and KS2 Resources for Home Learning

Choosing work to send home for parents to do with your class can be challenging. You need lessons that don’t require a lot of resources, that parents will be able to deliver easily and that children will enjoy and be engaged with.

That’s where we come in! We’ve been through our vast library of lesson planning and picked out the lessons you can send home with a minimum of fuss while feeling confident each lesson contains valuable, purposeful learning.

How do I know which lessons are good to send home?

We've gone through all our lessons and picked the ones we think would work best in a home learning environment. These lessons are simple to deliver, require no or few additional resources and provide fun, engaging activities to keep children occupied.

Click the links to learn more:

Best Year 1 Lessons to send home to parents

Best Year 2 Lessons to send home to parents

Best Year 3 Lessons to send home to parents

Best Year 4 Lessons to send home to parents

Best Year 5 Lessons to send home to parents

Best Year 6 Lessons to send home to parents

How do our lessons work in a home learning environment?

Our lesson planning packs are designed to be easy to use. Each comes with a clear lesson plan with three-way differentiation, an alternative activity, a plenary, assessment questions and a list of resources necessary. They also come with a set of slides for the teaching input and a set of printable teaching resources.

If you wish to differentiate the work you send home, have a quick scan of the lesson plan before sending it home, highlighting the activities you want particular children to complete. Alternatively, simply provide parents with the slides and the printable resources, with a brief instruction as to which activities you would like their child(ren) to complete. This is not necessary, however. Parents may prefer to choose the activities they want their child(ren) to complete themselves.

Older children, or those that are more confident readers, may be able to read through the slideshows themselves without the support of a parent or carer. However, we would always recommend that an adult is on hand to answer any questions or clear up any confusion. The slides are designed to provide all the information both teachers and pupils need for the intended learning, so these are perfect for such situations.

But you don't have to listen to us! Use the resources however you think would work best for your children and their families!

Many of the activities ideally require resources to be printed out but there are ways of using the lessons if families do not have access to a printer. Check out our video explaining this.

If you are unfamiliar with the format of our lesson planning, check out our free sample lessons or our free mini-schemes and if you would like help with your order either get in contact with us or watch this how to video

Becky Cranham

I set up PlanBee in 2009 to help redress the teacher workload balance. I love finding new ways to make teachers' lives easier and writing about educational ideas and issues for both teachers and parents.

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