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Fun Writing Activities for KS2

Fun Writing Activities for KS2

Looking for some ideas to engage children in writing? Check out some of our favourite, fun writing activities for KS2 children! 

Classroom story maker

As a class, create three lists of ideas including characters, settings and problems/tasks. Write each idea on a piece of paper, then put the character ideas in one pot, settings in another and then problems/tasks in another. Children take it in turns to take an idea out of each pot to inspire their story writing. Alternatively, use these story cards for KS2!

Newspaper Headlines 

Cut out interesting newspaper headlines or write your own and place them in a bowl. Children pick out a headline and write an article that fits the headline.

Fun writing activities for ks2

Object Conversations

Ask children to imagine a conversation between two inanimate objects. What would they say to each other? Why? Would they like each other? Why or why not? e.g. a conversation between a window pane and a curtain, a conversation between a fork and a spoon, a conversation between a sock and a shoe. 

Future You

Ask children to write a letter to their future selves. What are their hopes and aims for this year? What would they like to achieve? What job might they want in the future. Keep the letters until the end of the school year and let children open them. Did they achieve their goals? Did anything change?

Fun writing activities for ks2

Dictionary flick 

Ask children to flick through the dictionary and let their fingers fall randomly on three words. Can you make a sentence or a story that includes each of the words? 

Time travellers

Ask children to imagine that they have travelled back in time. Write a postcard or a letter to a friend explaining what it's like, who they've met, what they've seen, etc. 

Fun writing activities for ks2

Explain a story in 10 words

Challenge children to condense the plot of a story into just ten words. 

Write a collaborative story

Put children into pairs or small groups. Challenge them to write a story together by taking it in turns to write a sentence each. 


Looking for some more fun writing activities for KS2? Check out our FREE KS2 Writing activity bundle! 

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