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PlanBee Customer Survey 2022

At PlanBee, we're always keen to hear about our customers' experiences with us to see what we're doing well and what else we can do to help teachers out. So, to round off 2022, we thought we would conduct a quick survey. 

We had over 700 responses from our customers on areas such as work-life balance, curriculum coverage and inclusion. Here are some of the results: 


Has PlanBee helped improve your work-life balance?

When asked if PlanBee has helped improve their work-life balance, a staggering 98% of entrants who regularly use PlanBee stated 'yes'. This equated to 73.9% of total entrants, including those who hadn't yet used PlanBee enough to be able to comment. Only 12 out of the 704 people surveyed answered 'no'. 

Out of all the survey responses, this is the one we are most proud of. Everything we do as a company is designed to save teachers time and to help redress the ever-increasing demands of a challenging career. To hear that we are succeeding has made our year! 

PlanBee Work-Life Balance Improvements


PlanBee's planning packs cover the National Curriculum objectives really well.

89.2% of entrants agreed or strongly agreed that PlanBee's planning packs cover the National Curriculum objectives really well. Out of 0.3% who disagreed or strongly disagreed (three customers in total), one was teaching from the Scottish curriculum. This is now something we will look at to see if we can match our resources to both the Scottish and Welsh curriculums to support teachers living in other parts of the UK (see below questions for more feedback on this). 

PlanBee lessons curriculum objective coverage


PlanBee's planning packs offer good knowledge and skills progression across curriculum areas. 

90.2% of entrants agreed or strongly agreed that PlanBee's planning packs offer good knowledge and skills progression across curriculum areas. We have worked hard to ensure that our schemes of work tie together and create a progressive curriculum and we're really pleased this is being experienced by our customers. See, for example, one of our History Knowledge and Skills Progression documents

Knowledge and Skills Progression from PlanBee


PlanBee differentiates their planning well to support inclusion.

86.3% of entrants agreed or strongly agreed with this statement. 

This is often a tricky one for us. We always differentiate our lessons three ways and try our hardest to ensure that our lessons will be accessible to all learners, but as a team we agree that there is more we could be doing to support those with special educational needs. This is something we plan to explore in the coming year. 

PlanBee supporting inclusion


Do you think PlanBee offers good value for money? 

To be honest, this one made us a little nervous! We're aware that, compared to some of our competitors, are resources are slightly more expensive but we were thrilled to see that 94.3% of customers surveyed agreed that PlanBee was good value for money

PlanBee is good value for money


What do you think we should do better? 

This was a really important question for us, and one of the main reasons we wanted to do the survey. We're always keen to hear our customers' thoughts on what we can do to improve our survey.

Many customers were kind enough to let us know that they thought we are pretty good as we are: 

  • "PlanBee is great and if there are ever any issues or suggestions, the team are on it straight away so please - just keep doing what you're already doing!"
  • "Nothing, practically perfect in every way"
  • "Nothing - I love everything about the resources"
  • "Just keep doing what you do - your amazing!" 

Several customers commented that they would like a wider range of resources: 

  • "More topics covered please" 
  • "continue to expand the range of resources" 
  • "More English resources please especially generic plans for writing/SPaG" 
  • "cover languages - french spanish" 
  • "A music scheme!"

Others explained how they would like our resources to match with the Scottish or Welsh curriculums: 

  • "Alter for Scottish curriculum" 
  • "Links to Scottish Curriculum for Excellence please!" 
  • "Links to the Welsh curriculum would be great" 

There were other suggestions about improving/changing some pedagogical approaches in our lessons: 

  • "Retrieval practice built into lessons." 
  • "look for ways to include disciplinary knowledge tasks even more, very substantive knowledge focused at the moment." 
  • "More practical learning opportunities. Links ideas for apple schools using a range of technologies" 
  • "More enquiry led lessons. Different ways of recording - fewer worksheets, more sentence stems, ideas for explanation with word banks."

There were also comments on differentiation: 

  • "My son is autistic and I find that some topics are not catered for access learning" 
  • "Wider differentiation" 
  • "Add more differentiation for those who find writing tricky" 
  • "More enquiry led lessons. Different ways of recording - fewer worksheets, more sentence stems, ideas for explanation with word banks."

These, and the other suggestions included in the feedback, will all be closely reviewed by the PlanBee team to see how we can further improve our service in line with customer feedback. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey. We really appreciate you taking the time out of your very busy schedules. 

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