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Screen Free Activities for the Family

Screen Free Activities for the Family

Screen-Free Week takes place between 2-8th May this year. It encourages us to take a break from screen-based entertainment, and explore the myriad of other fun activities we can engage in! Here are some ideas of what you can do as a family during screen-free week:

  • Every household has plenty of recycling, but have you made anything out of it? Why not lay out your recycling on a table and as a family, create your own art using different materials? 
  • Rainy day? Why not turn your front room into a fort! Use your sofa cushions to create a structure - add in cushions and sheets to make it feel cosy and find a good book to share or game to play?
Two children playing in their home-made sofa fort
Two children playing in their home-made sofa fort

  • Grab a container and go hunting in the garden or an outside space for minibeasts! Where do little insects live? What can you find? Go exploring as a family!

  • Show off your moves by creating your own family dance routine - each member of the family could suggest one or two of their signature moves, put them all together and voila! A dance routine you can be proud of!
A mother and daughter practising their dance moves
A mother and daughter practising their dance moves
  • Have a rummage in the garage or look in the garden for potential obstacles. Build your own obstacle course in the garden and challenge each other to a race! Who can complete the course in the fastest time? Ready, steady, go! 

  • Missing a family member or friend? Why not write them a letter or a postcard! Let them know what you have been up to as a family and check in to see how they are!

  • Challenge each member of the family to create their own menu, including starter, main course and dessert! Take it in turns to ‘host’ your own dinner party! 
Father and son cooking together
Father and son cooking together
  • Choose a book to read together as a family. Take turns in reading pages/chapters out aloud. Talk about what has happened so far and discuss your opinions of characters and events. Predict what you each think will happen next, and see who is closest!
  • Have a board game night! Provide nibbles and drinks, and if you’re feeling competitive, a score board! 
  • Organise a treasure hunt - the ‘treasure’ could be a new book or board game that you can then enjoy together.

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Whatever activities you decide to do, we hope you enjoy the time away from the screen! After this week, why not challenge yourselves to have at least one day a week screen-free?


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