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Climate Change

Climate Change: prepare children for an uncertain future, and give them the skills to make a difference

Climate change resources and activities for children in KS1 and KS2. Ready to teach lesson planning packs with age-appropriate information and worksheets about climate change and tackling global warming.

These climate change mini-schemes of work for Key Stages 1 and 2 are perfect for teaching separately as standalone units of work, but they also form part of our larger Education for Social Responsibility curriculum for the whole school.

  • PlanBee People and Planet Climate Change KS2 | PlanBee

    People and Planet

    From £2.99 to £7.00

    What is climate change, and how is human activity causing it? These lessons begin to delve into this complex topic, including straightforward infor...

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  • PlanBee Climate Change Worksheets KS2 Lesson | PlanBee

    Know Better, Do Better

    From £2.99 to £7.00

    Empower children to use their voices in the fight against climate change in this ‘Know Better, Do Better’ ESR scheme of work for Year 3/4. Children...

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  • PlanBee Our Changing World KS1 ESR Lessons by PlanBee

    Our Changing World

    From £2.99 to £7.00

    Use this three-lesson ESR (Education of Social Responsibility) scheme of work to introduce your class to the topic of climate change. Begin by expl...

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