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KS1 Art

KS1 Art Lesson planning, presentations and printable resources for primary teachers.

Are you looking for time-saving, ready to teach resources for KS1? If so, we're very glad you've found us. Here, you'll find a range Key Stage One Art schemes of work to help your children develop their drawing, painting and sculpting skills and techniques. Along the way, they'll learn about famous artists and their works, too. Whether you choose a Complete Series (a whole scheme of work) or an Individual Lesson, you'll get instantly downloadable lesson plans with differentiated learning activities, arty ideas, slideshow presentations and a range of printable resources all included.

Every single KS1 Art lesson and complete scheme of work we make is designed to ensure excellent coverage of National Curriculum Art learning objectives for Key Stage One—but whether you follow the curriculum or not—every art lesson plan pack is practically ready to teach.
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