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Extreme Reading

What is extreme reading?

Extreme reading involves reading in an unusual place or position.


Examples of extreme reading:

Someone on a elephant reading
Reading in a pool and upside down on a sofa
Reading in a tree

Reading on a beach
Reading in a den
Reading while camping in a tent


Benefits of extreme reading

Being in an unusual place or position can make reading more exciting. If children are interested and engaged in reading, they will be more likely to develop their literacy skills.


Extreme reading ideas:

  • in a museum, art gallery, or shopping centre
  • on a trampoline
  • in the wardrobe
  • on a swing
  • with a pet/animal
  • in the dentist's waiting room
  • at the beach
  • on a climbing frame (hanging upside down?!)
  • underground (e.g. tube station)
  • in a tent or home-made fort
  • in the rain (using an umbrella of course!)
  • in the garden shed
  • at the top of a hill
  • halfway up the stairs!


Extreme reading challenge:

Some schools hold extreme reading competitions, where they challenge children to read in as many unusual places (or positions) as they can. A photograph may be required as evidence! To make sure that children have read the book (and not just posed for the picture!), they may have to write a book review.

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